How You Can Lay Decking Boards

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Laying ultradecking boards is easy if you follow these steps. If you want to build a deck in your home, there are different ways you can lay the decking boards. Some homeowners choose to build their deck on the ground, while others decide to construct theirs on concrete. There are some interesting points you need to know about deck building. Here is how you can lay decking boards in your outdoor space.

Ways to lay decking Boards

Ongoing laying of composite decking boards
Laying composite decking using the wood base

As mentioned earlier, you can lay your wood or composite decking board on the ground. You can also install them on concrete if you don’t want them on the ground.

Laying Decking Boards on the Ground 

The way to lay decking boards on the ground is simple. That’s what you can do yourself. The first step in building a deck on the ground is to gather your supplies ready. You will need a spade, screws, decking boards, strings, landscaping fabrics, gravel and treated planks.

Once you’ve got your equipment ready, proceed to the site where you want to lay your deck. Clear the area to remove dirt, debris and grass. Ensure the area where you want to lay your decking is even; it will make building your deck easier. You can use a spade to remove some soil in the area to create a levelled surface. Once you have finished clearing the area, spread weed control fabric over the spot. The fabric will stop grass from growing beneath your decking. You can now put some gravel on top of the cloth to hold the fabric in place.

Start marking the deck area by placing pegs on the four corners of your deck. When you have placed the pegs around the corners of your deck, tie a string from one of the pegs to the other. Then dig holes in the area where you will place the post for your decking.

Now that you have finished preparing the site, you can now build a frame for your decking. Use treated wood to make the decking frame. It will prolong the lifespan of the wood. When you have finished building the decking frame, start laying the decking boards on the frame. Lay the decking boards from side to side, start from the side of the wall and start laying them until you install them on the whole area.

Ensure to leave gaps between the boards while installing it. These gaps will allow the decking to contract and expand without causing any damage. Apart from that, it will also keep the wood dry and rot-free. When you have finished building your deck, finish the decking edges to make your deck look more beautiful.

Laying Decking Boards on Concrete

Installing decking on concrete is similar to laying it on the ground but with little difference. After gathering all the materials, you will use to build decking, start by checking out the concrete to see if there is an area that you need to repair. If you notice a part where water settles in, fix it.

To lay the decking boards on concrete, start by installing a sleeper system on the concrete. You can use a wooden or aluminium sleepers’ system for this. After installing the sleeper system, build your decking frame on it. Your decking boards will be on the decking frame.

Lay the decking boards by starting from the side of a wall; keep laying it until you have finished with the entire decking. You can now hide the edges of the decking board by attaching trims to it. You can also use good latex paint to coat the decking edges to create a finished look.


Laying a decking board is easy. You can put the decking on the ground and choose to lay it on concrete. Follow the guidelines in this article to lay out your decking board.


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