How To Stop Composite Decking from Getting Damaged?

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Ultradecking composite board is a durable material that is resistant to the elements. It is a kind of decking that is less prone to damage. That composite decking is less prone to damage doesn’t mean that it can’t get damaged if you don’t use it properly. If you want to install composite decking, there are some things you should avoid to prevent it from getting destroyed easily. How can you stop composite decking from getting damaged easily?

Ways To Stop Composite Decking from Getting Damaged

Preventing your decking from damage will make it last longer. There are different ways to stop plastic wood decking from getting destroyed easily. You should follow the guidelines below to save your wood-plastic composite decking.

Install Composite Decking Properly

One way to stop composite decking from getting destroyed is by installing it properly. When building a decking, if you don’t lay the boards properly, it can result in early damage to the decking board. You should always follow decking installation guidelines from the manufacturer. If you don’t have experience installing composite decking, it’s better to hire an installer. Professional decking builders have skills in laying composite wood decking. If you installed your decking properly, it would not be prone to early damage.

Ensure You Build The Joists Properly

How To Stop Composite Decking from Getting Damaged?

Another way to stop plastic wood decking from getting damaged easily is by building the joist properly. If the spacing between the joist is too far apart, it can cause the decking to sag. When building decking in your garden, ensure that you construct the substructure properly. If a part of the joist is too high, your decking will be uneven.

Besides that, you should also use good material to build your decking joist. Remember that the joist serves as a foundation for your decking. If the foundation is not strong, it can cause your decking to collapse. To stop composite decking from getting destroyed, build the beam properly. Also, use hardwood or treated wood to build your deck joist. It will keep the joist from rot or decay.

You should also ensure that the foundation is strong and not wriggling. Also, when spacing your joist, the space between them should not be too far or close. Some manufacturers provide the joist spacing for their composite decking. Ensure you always follow the manufacturer guidelines. However, the recommended joist spacing is between 12 OC, 14 OC and 16 OC.

Space The Composite Decking Properly

If you don’t leave an adequate gap between your composite decking, it will get damaged easily. Appropriate spacing of the decking board will allow it to expand and contract when due to heat. If the decking board is not correctly spaced, the board will shift from its initial position if it expands. Aside from that, it can cause the composite decking board to warp.

To stop composite decking from getting damaged quickly, space the board properly. Ensure you leave sufficient space between the deckings. If the decking is close to a wall, you should also leave space between it and the wall. Composite decking manufacturers provide spacing guidelines for their decking; ensure to follow the guidelines during installation.

Avoid Dragging Objects On Composite Decking

Dragging furniture and other objects on composite decking can create visible marks that will distort the surface texture. Even kid toys and pets can scratch the surface of your plastic wood decking. To stop composite decking from getting damaged quickly, avoid dragging furniture, flowerpots and other objects on the surface. If there are any scratches on your plastic wood decking, it will make it less attractive.

Maintain Your Composite Decking

Lastly, you can stop your plastic wood decking from getting damaged easily through adequate maintenance. Mould stains, oil stains, and animal droppings can distort your decking look. Clean all stains from your decking surface with dish soap or vinegar as soon as you notice them. In addition, do not allow dirt and debris to build upon your decking. Sweep your composite decking regularly to stop it from getting damaged easily.


Homeowners can stop their composite decking from getting damaged easily in different ways. You must install your plastic wood decking properly if you want it to last longer. Aside from that, spacing your decking correctly is crucial to prevent sagging and warping. Also, you must clean the surface of your wood plastic composite decking to prevent mould growth.


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