Before installing a deck in your outdoor space, you need to prepare the ground. Whether you want to place the decking directly on the ground or on a concrete pad, preparing the ground for the decking is essential. If there is grass in the area, you won’t want to lay your decking directly on the grass. You will have to prepare the ground for you to lay the composite decking. So, how can you prepare the ground for decking?

How You Can Prepare Ground for Decking

How to Prepare Ground for Decking

Preparing ground for decking is the first step to take in deck building. You will want to create a level surface if the area you want to place your decking is rough. Also, if there is turf in the area, you will want to prepare the ground for the decking since you can’t place the decking on the grass. You have to prepare the ground you want to use for the decking before you start laying the frame and decking boards.

Decide Your location

Now that you have decided to build a deck in your home, decide where you want to locate the deck. Whether your outdoor area is smooth or rough, you can build a deck on it. However, a deck is easy to build on a balanced surface compared to a rough surface. Apart from that, you might also want to consider the positioning of your deck when deciding on its location. Once you have decided on locating your deck, you can now proceed to get your tools ready before you prepare the ground for decking.

Get Your Tools Ready

To prepare the ground for your decking, get the tools you are going to use ready. Getting your tools beforehand will help you to be more organized. It will also make your decking project easier and faster. You will need a tape for calculating the extent of your deckings and also a digger for digging the ground. Apart from that, you will also need a spade to remove turf or soil. Then, you will also need to get a weed control spray from your local store. 

You will use the spray on the area you want to build your deck to prevent grass from growing under your decking.  If you can’t get a weed control spray, you can also use a weed control fabric. You will have to spread the fabric on your deck area to keep turf from growing. 

Clear the Deck Area

To prepare the ground for your decking, remove any obstruction in the area. Clear the area by removing any obstruction like grass, shrubs, rock, tree stump, and more. You should also ensure that drainage pipes are not beneath the area where you are clearing.

After you have cleared the ground you want to build your deck, use a shovel to dig the area to a depth of about 50 mm. When you have done that, you can now proceed to layout the shape of your deck.

Layout the Deck Area 

Mark the ground by first measuring it with tape to know the extent of your deck. Calculate the space you want to place your decking to determine its length and width. Then, you can now proceed to lay out the shape of the deck. Start by outlining the size and shape of your deck by putting pegs around the deck area. Use a hammer to drive pegs into the soil at each corner of your deck area. 

After installing the pegs to the ground, run a string or builder line from one peg to the other. The strings will outline the deck edges and will also make the placement of the foundation footings easy to locate.

Create Holes For the Footings

Mark where you are going to make a hole for the foundation footings. After you have marked the area, dig holed for the footings. You can use a digger to make the holes for the footings. 

Apply Weed Control

You can now apply a weed control spray to stop the weed from growing beneath the deckings. Apply the spray around the area where you will place your decking. You can also use a piece of landscaping fabric to prevent weed from growing underneath your decking. The fabric works by keeping grass from regrowing under the decking and, at the same time, allows moisture to pass through. Spread the landscaping fabric over the deck area.

After you have done that, prepare the ground for the decking by pouring about 3 inches of gravel on top of the landscaping fabric. You can now proceed to start building your decking frames and then lay the deckings.


How to prepare the ground for decking is easy. You have to choose the decking location, then gather the necessary tools you can use to prepare the decking ground. After that, you can now proceed to clear and layout the decking area.