How to Make Planters Out of Decking Boards

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A planter is an enclosure used to grow plants or flowers. They are great for growing plants if you don’t want to dig into the ground. Making planters out of decking boards can make your garden more beautiful. You can even place the decking planters on your balcony or deck. Besides, you can use different materials in making a planter for yourself. Among the materials, you can use Ultra Decking boards. Read along to learn how you can make planters out of decking boards.

How to Make Planters From Decking Board

Building planters out of wood decking boards is an easy project if you have worked with wood before. Planters don’t require too much skill for you to put the decking boards together. Follow the steps laid down below to make planters from decking boards.

composite decking boards serving as vase for outdoor flowers
Someone took the culture further and explored composite boards as a flower vase

Step 1 – Get the Materials Ready

It would be best if you had your tools and decking board ready first. You will need screws to attach to the decking board. There is also a screwdriver to drive the screws inside the decking. Apart from that, you will also need a drill to make pilot holes on your decking board. You will also need tape to measure your board and a handsaw to cut the board to size. Additionally, you need to have a grid base material for the planter.

Step 2 – Lay Down the Base

You can now start to make the planters by laying down their base. A grid base will be proper to allow water to drain easily from the planter.  The gaps at the base of the planter will also improve aeration. Air will be able to circulate the planter well.

Step 3 – Create Pilot Holes 

Then cut the decking boards to your desired size. After cutting the decking to size, use a drill to make pilot holes on the decking board. The holes should not be too wide than the screw you will use to hold the boards together. Let the holes be 2 mm less than the decking screw. It will allow the screw to grip the board firmly.

Pre-drilling your decking board will also prevent the wood from splitting. Drill three holes on two of the decking boards (the shorter ones). If you are using softwood like cedar, drill the holes from the end of the decking. For hardwoods, drill the holes on the board.

Step 4 – Attach the Decking Boards 

After making the pilot holes, attach the screws to the decking boards. Use a screwdriver to attach the screws to the wood decking. Ensure you use a type of screw that will not corrode easily. Stainless steel screws are good for holding decking boards together, and they are also resistant to corrosion.

Step 5 – Install the Base

You can now proceed to attach the grid base to the planter. Use a screwdriver to fasten the base to the planter. You can skip this step if you are placing the planter on the soil. But if you want to place it on your deck or balcony, the grid base is essential.  When you have finished attaching the base, you can seal the planters using a wood decking board. You can also paint the planter to make it more beautiful.

Step 4 – Fill it With Soil

Your planters from the decking boards are ready. Place the planter on your deck or balcony and fill it with soil. You can as well place the planter box in your garden to make it look modern. Start using the planter to grow plants or flowers.


If you want to make planters out of decking boards, you have to follow the easy steps laid down in this article to make one for yourself.


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