Composite decking is a quality decking material. Because it is of good quality does not mean that it can be prone to damages. Composite decking requires maintenance to make it last longer. If you don’t care for your composite decking, the decking will not look attractive. To keep that from happening, here are ways to make composite decking last longer.

Ways to Make Composite Decking Last Longer

Remove Ice 

Ice can encourage mould growth on your decking. Apart from that, ice can make your decking slippery. To make your composite decking last longer,  remove ice that piles up on your decking. An ideal way to do that is by using ice melts to dissolve the ice. Apply the ice melt on the decking before it starts snowing. You can also apply the ice melt on the ice directly. 

Calcium chloride, rock salt, and magnesium chloride ice melt are good for use on composite decking. Additionally, when choosing an ice melt for your decking, choose a type that does not contain colorants. You should also avoid using the kind that contains grits.

Avoid Using Bleach

To make your composite decking last longer, avoid using bleach on it. When cleaning your wood-plastic decking, avoid using chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach can fade the colour of your composite decking. Always use a mild cleaner to clean your decking. You can use a liquid dishwasher that does not contain ammonia to clean your decking. 

Pressure Washer

A pressure washer can remove the dirt away from your deck quickly. When using a pressure washer to clean your composite decking, you should not use a force greater than 1300 PSI. Additionally, do not apply the pressure washer closer than 8 to 10 inches from the deck surface. A reason for this is to prevent the decking surface from damaging.

Minimize Mulch

Avoid placing mulch close to your composite decking, especially if it is organic mulch. You can apply an inorganic mulch close to your composite decking instead of the organic mulch. Besides that, placing gravel close to your decking is a good alternative to organic mulch. 

Remove Mould

How to Make Composite Decking last longer

You can make your composite decking last longer by removing the mould on the decking. Mould on your decking can make it look less attractive. It can also cause your decking to start slipping. You can remove the moulds by scrubbing them with a soft bristle brush after applying vinegar and baking soda on it.

Unclog Gaps Between the Decking

Another way to make composite decking last longer is by unclogging the gaps between the composite boards. One way to do that is by removing anything that gets stuck in between the gaps. You can remove the dirt between the gaps with a putty knife or a spatula. It will allow the proper flow of water away from the decking. Apart from that, it will also prevent the growth of mould on your composite decking.

Sweep Regularly

Additionally, sweeping your decking is a good way to make it last longer. When leaves fall on your composite decking, especially during autumn, ensure you sweep it. Do not leave the fallen leaves on your decking so as not to serve as a breeding ground for mould. If the leaves stay on your decking for a long time, they can trap moisture on the decking surface, thereby encouraging mould growth.

Avoid Scratches

When there are scratches on your composite board, it can distort the visual appearance of the decking. To make your wood-plastic board long, avoid using objects with sharp edges on your composite board. It will prevent the decking surface from scratching.

Remove Stains

You can also make your wood-plastic board last longer by removing any stains on your decking. Stains can distort the visual appearance of your composite board. When there is oil or grease stain on your deck, remove the stains immediately. 

Grease stains can be very difficult to remove if you don’t clean them immediately. You can use soap and water to wash off stains on your decking. If you want to remove grease stains, pour warm water on the affected area. Then use vinegar and baking soda to scrub the grease stain away.


If you want to make your composite decking last longer, there are precautions you need to take. Avoid using chlorine bleach to clean your composite board. Additionally, regular sweeping of the decking to remove dirt and debris can also make your composite decking last longer.