How to Lay Decking Tiles on Ground

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Ultradecking tiles are durable, beautiful, and easy to install. You can lay composite decking tiles in your backyard if you want to make it more modern and classy. Decking tile installation is not difficult if you want to do it yourself. Whether your outdoor space is smooth or uneven, laying the tiles is easy to learn. Here’s how to lay decking tiles on the ground.

Ways to Lay Decking Tiles on Ground

How to Lay Decking Tiles on Ground

Choose Your Location

Now that you have decided to install decking tiles choose a location. Decide on where you would like to lay the decking tiles. Would you like to lay it around your house or in your backyard, or in your garden? Or would you like to use the decking tiles as a walkway in your garden? After deciding where you want to lay your decking size, you can now proceed to order your ties.

 Order Your Tiles

Now that you’ve decided where you will lay the tiles, you can now order the decking tiles you want to use. Wood decking tiles are durable and naturally beautiful, but they are more prone to damage. They can absorb water and rot over time. Apart from that, wooden tiles can be eaten by termites. On the other hand, composite decking tiles are more durable than wood tiles. They are resistant to water, and termites cannot eat it.

Additionally, before you make your order, measure the area you want to lay your decking so that you will be able to know the total number of tiles you will need.

Get Your Equipment Ready

It is good to get your equipment ready before laying your decking on concrete. Most of the equipment you will need is readily available in stores. You can even borrow some of this equipment from your neighbour. You will need a spade for clearing the area, a digger to dig the ground, measuring tape, and a marker as part of the equipment you will need. You will also need to include a spirit level to know if the area is even. Also, treat the planks to make the decking frame on which you will lay the tiles.

Prepare a Location

You can now proceed to prepare the location where you want to place your decking tiles. If there’s grass in the area, use a spade to remove the grass. Depending on how high you want the decking tile to be, you may need to dig the ground a little. Dig the area to remove the grass and then use a spirit level to ensure that the area is even.

Then spread landscaping fabric over the decking area. Add gravel on top of the fabric to hold the fabric in place. Landscaping fabric prevents weeds from growing in the area you have cleared. After placing the gravel on top of the fabric, use a rake to level the gravel to create an even surface. You can then Install a landscaping edging around the perimeter. This will help keep the decking tiles in place.

Create a Framework for Your Decking Tiles

Since you can’t lay the decking tiles directly on the gravel, you have to make a framework for it. First, use wood planks to make posts for your decking tiles. Make a hole in the ground to install the post. The post should not be too high. Ensure that you use treated planks to ensure a prolonged lifespan. Use the plank to create a decking frame to place your deckings. It is on the decking frame that you will lay your decking tiles. After you have finished building your decking frame, start laying the tiles on it.

Start Installing Your Decking Tiles

When you have finished setting the decking frame, you can lay the decking tiles on it. You can choose to lay the tiles horizontally or vertically, depending on what you want. If you need to cut part of the tiles to finish a row, wait till you’ve finished laying the tiles. Keep laying the decking tiles until you have covered the entire surface of the area you want to lay the decking tiles.

Clean the Area

Once you have finished installing the decking tiles, clean the area. Clean the decking area to remove any leftover material.


It is easy to lay decking tiles on the ground if you follow the guidelines in this write-up. You have to prepare the area and build a decking frame before laying the decking tiles on the ground.


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