How to Hide the Edges of Composite Decking?

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The rough edge of your composite decking can distort the appearance of your deck. But there are ways you can hide the rough edges of your Ultra Decking. These methods will make the edge of your decking match the deck surface. If you are looking for ways to hide composite decking edges, we have many suggestions for you.

Ways to Hide Composite Decking Edges?

The edge of an outdoor composite garden floor with a sitting flower vase
Edges can take all the attention you wish to give; it is all worth the time and effort in the end.

There are different ways to hide the edges of your composite decking. Covering your decking edge will make it blend well with the top. To create a more beautiful look, you can even make the colour of the decking ends different from other parts of the decking. You can use picture framing, plastic end caps, paints, trims, and a fascia board to cover your composite decking edges. Please consider some of the ways to use these materials for your decking edges.

 Picture Frame Method

One of the ways you can hide the edges of your composite decking is by using the picture frame method. The decking framing method is similar to the way you frame a picture. If you want to use picture framing, you must attach the frame to the decking edge. The frame will hide the rough edges of the deck. Apart from that, the framing also makes it easy for visually impaired people to climb the decking stairs.

Composite Corner Trims

Another way you can hide the edges of composite decking involves the use of composite corner trims. The trims consist of the same material as your decking. To hide the edges of your decking, attach the trims to it. You can also use a trim that matches the colour of your decking. This will create a finished look. An advantage of using composite corner trims is that it requires the same maintenance as your composite board.


You can also hide the rough edges of your composite board by painting it. The paint will give your decking edges a good finish. Use a paintbrush to apply the same colour paint to your decking boards. Apply the paint to the sides of the deckings to hide the rough edges. Ensure you use good latex paint that will not fade quickly.

Raised Fascia Board

Fascia boards are good for hiding the edges of your decking. Like composite corner trims, fascia boards contain composite decking material. It is also easy and affordable. All that is needed is to attach the fascia flush to the top of the decking. Since it is composite, it also requires the same maintenance as your decking.

Vinyl Stair Nosing

You can also use vinyl stair nosing to cover the edges of your composite decking. However, the nosing is not the same material as the decking. It is made of vinyl and is also not the same colour as your composite decking. Using stair nosing to cover your decking edges is simple. Roll out the material and trim it to the size of your decking edges. After trimming it, attach the nosing to the deck with glue. You can also use a pan head screw to attach the stair nosing to your deck.

The nosing colour will highlight the sides of your deck by creating a colour contrast around it. The contrast in colour will improve the visual appearance of your decking. It can also help in reducing falls from the deck. This increases grip and minimises the chance of slipping on the decking.

Plastic End Caps

Lastly, you can also use plastic end caps to hide your decking edges. But they are limited for use in hollow cylinder composite decking. It has a small plug that you can attach to holes in the decking boards to hold the caps into place. The plastic end cap will provide a finished look for the edges while covering the holes. This method of hiding your decking edges is simple and does not require additional framing.


How to hide the edges of your composite decking is easy. You can use the picture framing method and apply paint to the edges of your decking. Additionally, you can also add trims, fascia board, stair nosing and plastic end caps to the edges.


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