How to Finish the Ends of Composite Decking

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Ultra decking boards are a popular decking option for their natural and wood-like finish. Unfortunately, the ends of composite decking boards are often exposed, lacking the same finishing used on the surface. How do you finish the ends of composite decking? If you are building a deck, these ends will be visible. To many homeowners, this can be unattractive. Unexposed ends can also cause potential problems detrimental to the overall performance of the decking. Fortunately, there are several ways to finish the ends of composite decking. You can use paint to colour the ends, plug end caps, picture frame the decking, install fascia boards, or use corner trims.

Composite Decking

Use Paint on the Ends

One of the easier ways to finish the ends of composite decks is using edge paints. You don’t need prior preparation or special tools to do it. A bucket of compatible paint and brush is all you will need. Several brands will sell edge coating compatible with their products. And all you have to do is cover the exposed ends with the special paint.

If you can’t find one designed for your decking boards, you can pick a compatible coating with the same or similar colour as your boards. Doing so, however, can be tricky if you can’t find a matching shade.

End Caps

End caps are pieces of material attached to the ends of decking boards, effectively covering them for an excellent finish. Using them requires minimal effort and time and needs no equipment or further preparations. All you need to do is plug them on the boards’ ends.

The downside is, you can only use them on hollow or scalloped composite decking boards. In most cases, you will need to use an end cap designed specifically for your decking boards. Decking board suppliers can either sell them together with decking boards or offer them separately. Even if you find an off-brand end cap, it may not fit perfectly with your decking boards.

Picture Framing

Picture framing is another excellent way to cover the ends of your decking board. All you need to do is install frame or trim boards along the perimeter of your decking. For the decking corners, you will need to mitre cut the frame boards. The result will look similar to a picture frame.

Besides using the edges, you can also use them to frame sections inside your deckinv. For the best results, you can use a complimenting shade of decking boards to create a stylish and modern aesthetic. The only downside of picture framing is that you can’t use it if you want a slight overhang for your decking boards.

Fascia Boards

Installing fascia boards is another option to cover and finish the ends of composite decking. Similar to picture framing, the fascia boards will surround the perimeter of the decking. You will need to install the fascia directly over the rim joists and the decking boards’ ends. Like picture framing, it can also create a distinct and stylish look using complimenting fascia board colours.

Corner Trims

Another way to finish your composite decking is by using corner trims. Corner trims are long L-shaped pieces of composite wood. It frames the perimeter of the deck while covering the edges. Not only can you use it to hide the butt-ends, but it conceals the grooved sides of your decking boards as well. You can use it with or without fascia boards.


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