Is Composite Decking Maintenance Free?

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Is composite decking maintenance free? Ultradecking composite board is a highly durable building material that is less prone to damage. Homeowners who don’t have it in their homes may be wondering if the decking board is maintenance-free. Maintaining your decking is important if you want it to last longer. However, composite decking does not need too much maintenance like timber decking. But this doesn’t mean it is maintenance-free. That composite decking is maintenance-free is a misconception that has to be cleared.

Does Composite Decking Require Maintenance

Is Composite Decking Maintenance Free?

All decking materials require maintenance to make them look their best. If you fail to maintain your deckings, it will not last long. Wood, PVC and composite are the three most common kinds of decking material. Of all these materials, wood decking requires the most elaborate maintenance, while the others require less maintenance as they are more durable than wood.

But this does not mean that composite decking materials don’t need maintenance, as most homeowners thought. Composite decking requires maintenance but is very easy to maintain and doesn’t require stress. So, we now know that plastic wood decking is not maintenance-free. Let’s consider why it is easy to maintain.

Why Composite Decking is Not Maintenance Free

Grease stains, animal droppings, mould stains, and paint spills left on the surface of your composite decking can distort its appearance. If you allow dead leaves to stay long on your decking surface, it will cause mould to grow on it. Besides that, if you leave snow on your decking, it will cause it to slip.

Maintaining your composite decking is necessary if you want it to stay beautiful for decades. It will also prevent mould growth. Apart from that, your decking will not slip, thereby preventing falls and injury. However, maintaining composite decking is easy. It differs from timber decking that needs cleaning, staining, and painting to make it beautiful.

Remember that wood colour fades, so you have to keep sanding it before staining or painting it to make it beautiful. Also, wood decking requires the application of sealers. Boards replacement is also possible as the wood deck can rot or break. Composite decking doesn’t require any of this elaborate maintenance. It only requires cleaning to maintain its appearance.

How to Do Composite Decking Maintenance

Composite decking maintenance is simple. However, you should care for your composite decking the right way. When cleaning your decking, avoid using a harsh cleaning agent. Let’s consider how to do composite decking maintenance.

Use Mild Cleaner For Composite Decking

Homeowners use chlorine bleach in their homes to remove stains quickly. When there is an oil stain or grease stain on composite decking, some may feel that using bleach to remove the stain is best. But using chlorine bleach on your decking can distort its appearance. Avoid using bleach to clean the surface of your decking.

The best cleaner for composite decking is a liquid dishwasher. It is a mild soap that will not damage your decking surface. Additionally, homeowners can also use vinegar or baking soda to clean composite decking. They are a natural cleanser and will effectively remove stains from your deck surface.

Sweep Your Decking

Dirt and debris can accumulate on the decking surface if you don’t remove them. Composite decking maintenance requires sweeping the surface of your decking to remove dirt and debris. Don’t allow dead leaves to stay on your decking for long, as it can cause mould growth.

Homeowners should use a broom to remove leaves away from their decking. You should also check the gaps between the decking to see if there is dirt stuck in it. When sweeping, ensure you remove any dirt on the space between the boards.

Remove Snow From Your Deck Surface

Composite decking maintenance also involves removing snow or ice from the decking surface. Homeowners can use a plastic shovel to remove the snow from their plastic wood decking. To remove ice from your decking surface, use ice melt. Ice melts effectively get rid of ice on decking; it works by dissolving the ice.


Composite decking requires maintenance, but not like wood decking. Homeowners should clean their decking frequently to maintain its appearance and ensure that it last longer.


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