How to Cut Your Decking Boards to Size

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When installing your decking, you might want to cut a part of the board to make it fit in. Cutting your decking board yourself might be difficult if you have not done it before. To not damage your ultradecking board while attempting to cut it, learn how to cut your decking board to size with the right tools.

Tools Needed to Cut Your Decking

Ongoing decking installation project
Project stage 3 features deep grey composite decking boards

From easy-to-use tools to professional ones, there are quite a number of tools you can use to cut composite decking boards. We encourage self-installation. However, you should avoid using tools you are not familiar with. We recommend calling a professional for complex projects.

Decking Saw

You can make use of a circular saw to cut your decking board. Circular saws are perfect for cutting decking; they cut the decking smoothly.

In addition, you can also use a table saw if you don’t have a circular saw. The table saw has circular blades under the workbench, making it safe and easy to work with. Apart from that, you can also make use of a mitre saw to cut your boards. It is good for making crosscuts on your decking board.

You can also use a hand saw to cut your decking board. Hand saws are easy to use and are good, especially for detailed cuts around the stairs. Ensure you sharpen the blade to get a clean cut before you start using it. However, when making use of any kind of saw, always take safety precautions.


You will also need chalk to mark your decking board before cutting it. The mark will serve as a guide to make you cut your decking perfectly. You can use white chalk to make your deckings. They are easier to clean off than coloured ones.

Tape Measure

Another important material you will need to cut your decking is a tape measure. You will use the tape to measure and mark the wood or composite boards before cutting them. Ensure you mark and measure the decking correctly before you start cutting it.

In addition, you will also need a clamp to hold the decking board while cutting and a square edge to create a straight mark on your decking.

Steps on How to Cut Decking Boards

Before you start cutting your decking boards, ensure that your tools are at hand.

The steps below will guide you on how to cut your composite or wood decking during installation.

Step 1: Measure and Mark Your Decking Board

The first step to take if you want to cut your decking to size is to measure the decking. Measure the board length and mark it. Mark the decking board with chalk or pencil. You must mark your wood decking straight to create a straight edge. Get a straight edge and use it to draw a straight line on the decking board. After marking your decking, proceed to cut it.

Step 2: Cut Your Decking Board

You can start cutting your wood decking with a circular saw. If you don’t have a circular saw, you can also use a table saw, miter saw, or hand saw. Start cutting the boards by following the chalk mark you make on your decking.

When cutting your decking board, always leave extra length on the decking. If you cut the deckings an inch longer than the exact size, you can later use a saw to cut the ends. It is better to add an inch to your decking length than undercutting your decking. When you have finished cutting the deckings, start laying them.

Step 3: Install Your Decking

Now that you have finished cutting your decking boards, you can start installing them. Make use of screws or clips to fasten your decking board. Lay the decking boards side by side till you have finished laying the decking board. Then cover the board edge to make it blend well with the board.


You can cut your decking board to size by making use of a circular saw or hand saw. First, measure the board, then mark it before using a saw to cut it.


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