How To Choose the Right Composite Decking Colour for Your Home

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If you are a homeowner wanting to build a new plastic decking, you will have to decide on a few things. One of the many decisions you will have to make is to choose the colour of the decking. Composites come in various colours, shades, and designs, making it hard to decide which one to use. If you are still unsure, here are a few pointers on how to choose the right composite decking colour for your home.

Choosing the Colours that Match With the Surroundings

First thing you will want to consider when choosing what colour of boards to use is the surrounding. For best results, you will want to choose to complement colours matching your home’s exterior. For darker coloured exterior walls, medium to darker shades such as brown, red, and grey composite decking works well. As for houses with lighter outside walls, light to medium shades often suit them, such as beige and off-whites.

You can also select according to the overall theme of your home. It includes everything surrounding your home, not only the exterior walls. Consider what furniture you will use on your decking, or what type of landscaping you have or planning to have. You can also take into consideration your future design choices. Some shades match with more colours than others.

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For instance, many houses today feature minimalistic aesthetics. For these types of designs, you can use monochromatic colour schemes. Some also use contrasting shades for a pop of colour. To pick the best choices, however, you’ll have to consider your options carefully.

Consider the Climate

Aside from the aesthetics, your composite decking’s colour will directly affect how hot it will get during hot summer days. For this reason, you will have to decide based on the climate in your area. But how can you choose which one to use?

Light colours deflect sunlight, which makes it absorb less heat. On the other hand, dark colours absorb more sunlight, making it hotter during summer days. It’s the reason why you will feel hot while wearing black clothes on a sunny day. Wearing white clothes, on the other hand, makes it more refreshing during a hot summer day.

The same reasoning applies to deckings. If your location receives constant sunlight and hot weather, it’s best to choose light-colour composite decking boards. But if the area you live in is often cold, you may feel warmer by choosing darker-coloured decking.

Look at Designs and Layouts that You Like

If you are still having trouble choosing which decking colour to use, there are plenty of sources of inspiration. You can watch your favourite reality home improvement shows and see how they decide on what colour themes to use. You can also browse real estate catalogues and interior decoration magazines for ideas. Furthermore, you can also find thousands of layouts and style choices on the internet.

When you find some that suit your preference, don’t hesitate to hold on to these ideas. Have as many options as possible, as not all of them may suit your outdoor area. Compare all of your possible options. Choose the ones that you will think will fit your home’s aesthetics.

When you are still uncertain about your choices, you can ask your friends and family for their opinion. You can also speak with a professional designer or a consultant for some advice.

Order Some Samples 

If you already made a few decisions on which colour to use, the next step is to pick a product or a brand. While some boards from different companies may have the same name colours, they may slightly differ in shade or hue. For this reason, you will want to see the boards with your own eyes.

For many manufacturers and retailers, you can visit their shop to see the colours of the boards. But if you are to order online, you can find various companies and suppliers that offer free samples. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact them for free samples. These suppliers will happily send you some.

How to choose the right composite decking colour for your home. Choosing a colour for your composite decking can be tricky. But if you take your home’s design and your preferred aesthetics, you can find the best colours to use. Depending on your situation, you will also want to consider the climate. But before buying, make sure to get samples to see the colours themselves.


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