How to Choose Composite Decking Colour

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How to Choose Composite Decking Colour

Composite decking boards, unlike wood, come in various colours. When installing your decking, choosing the right decking colour is important. Choosing the right decking colour is important if you want to install your composite decking under a shade or expose it outdoors. Some decking colour will make your decking hot in summer, while some will make it cool. Let’s consider the tips on how to choose the right composite decking colour.

Type of Composite Decking Colour

How to Choose Composite Decking Colour

Ultradecking has different types of composite decking colours. Light brown, dark brown, light grey, dark grey and silver are the most common decking colours.

Light Brown Composite Decking

Light brown composite decking is one of the most popular decking colours homeowners choose. They are attractive and will make your outdoor area look beautiful. A good thing about light brown decking boards is that they complement any home design. In addition, light brown decking boards are great if you want to expose your composite decking outdoors. The board will not absorb heat from the sun, making you enjoy using your deck even in summer.

 Dark Brown Composite Decking 

The dark brown composite decking is the dark version of the light brown board. It is great for installing in shaded areas as the board will get hot if exposed to the weather. Besides that, dark brown boards are also attractive and will complement any decking design.

Light Grey Composite Decking

Light grey composite boards are like light brown decking. It is attractive and will increase the visual appeal of your outdoor area. Most homeowners choose light grey decking for their garden decking design because of its aesthetics. This decking colour is also suitable for building decks in hot regions as it won’t absorb heat from the sun.

Dark Grey Composite Decking 

The dark grey is similar to light grey but darker. It is visually appealing and good for creating a colour contrast with light-coloured boards. The board will absorb heat from the sun and get hot if you expose it outdoors. They are great for installing in a shaded area and also in cold regions.

Silver Composite Decking

Silver decking is great for creating a modern garden decking design. The colour is attractive and will make your outdoor space look appealing. Homeowners can install silver composite decking in their garden without a shade above it, as it will not get hot in summer.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Composite Decking Colour

Selecting a colour for your decking can be difficult as you might not know which to choose. Here are what to consider when choosing a decking colour.


When choosing a composite decking colour, you should consider your location. If you stay in hot regions where the temperature is always high, it’s best to install a light coloured decking board. The surface of the board will not get hot even when the weather is hot. It will remain cool, making it suitable for use. Likewise, if you are living in cold regions, you can install dark composite decking boards outdoors.

Location of the Deck

Consider whether you want to expose the decking to the weather or whether you will build a roof over it. Deckings that are exposed to the weather are likely to get heated when the sun is high. In contrast, those installed beneath a roof are less likely to get hot. The roof will serve as a shade for the decking, thereby protecting it from the sun. It’s important to note that the colour of composite decking you Install outdoors will determine whether the decking will become hot in summer.

For deckings that will be Installed under a shade, homeowners can choose any deck colour of their choice. But if you want to expose your decking to the weather, choose a decking colour that will not get hot. Avoid installing dark-coloured composite decking, as it will get heated and hurt your foot. Choose a light-coloured composite decking board. The light coloured boards are less likely to absorb heat from the sun like the darker ones.

Consider Your Home Design

When choosing a composite decking colour, you should consider your home style. Select a decking colour that will complement your house design and also the environment. If you have a modern home design, grey decking colour will complement the look of your home. For homes with bricks, a reddish-brown composite decking is the best to use. Also, you can create a little contrast with the decking colour. The contrast in colour will increase your home’s visual appeal.


When choosing the right composite decking colour, there are things to consider. Homeowners should consider their location, where they want to lay the decking, as well as their home design.


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