How to Build Steps With Composite Decking

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How to build steps with composite decking

Steps allow for easy access up and down the decking, especially if it is a raised decking. A raised decking is a type of decking that is above ground level. Homeowners construct raised deckings mostly in sloping backyards or gardens. Attaching a staircase to a raised decking is a perfect idea. If your elevated decking does not have a step, now is the time to build a step for your decking. Wood steps can complement your decking, but they can crack and rot over time. Ultradecking composite board is an excellent option for making a step for your decking. How can you build steps with composite decking?

 Building Steps With Composite Decking

How to Build Steps With Composite Decking

If you want to build the steps yourself, you should plan the decking step carefully. You should also ensure that the decking steps are uniform. Building a step requires the skill of a professional to ensure consistency.

Additionally, building steps with composite decking starts with measuring the size of the decking stairs; it also includes knowing the height of the deck. A raised decking requires high decking steps, while a low deck will require low decking steps. Below are the guidelines to follow if you want to build steps with composite decking.

Step One – Get the Materials You Need

First, before starting your step project, you need to gather all the materials needed to build the steps. These materials include composite decking, stringers and railings. Apart from that, you will also need a measuring tape, framing square, hammer, bar, wooden post, post cap, and balusters.

Additionally, you will also need a saw to trim the composite decking boards to size. Besides that, you will also need a shovel to make a hole in the ground before building the steps. However, you can as well include a drilling machine to make holes on the board. Safety glasses and hand gloves shouldn’t be left out; ensure you wear them while constructing the steps with composite decking.

Step Two – Mark the Spot You Will Install the Stairs

After gathering the equipment needed, you can now start your step project. Start by marking where you will fasten the stringer to the decking. It will help you determine the height of the composite decking to the ground. In addition, you also need to indicate where you will attach the stringer to the ground. Ensure you mark the spot accurately to create a uniform staircase.

Step Three- Fix the Post

Use a shovel to make a hole where you will fix the post. Ensure you use treated wood for the post. Treated woods are resistant to termites as well as rot or decay.  The post will serve as a support for the stringers and the railings.

Step Four – Attach the Stringers

You can now begin to attach the stringers to the decking. When you are attaching the stringers, you should ensure that it extends to the ground. Stringers are diagonal pieces of wood that serve as a support for the composite decking steps. You can purchase pre-cut stringers to make it easy.

Before you fix the stringers, attach the connectors to the decking. After you have attached the connectors, use the connectors to fix the stringers. You can use wood stringers as well as composite decking stingers. It is preferable to use composite decking stringers to wood since composite decking has a longer lifespan than wood. Stringer’s help in determining the rise and the angle of your steps.

Step Five – Fix Composite Decking Boards on the Stringers

After you have fixed the stringer, start installing the composite decking on the stringers. The composite decking boards will serve as the steps on which to step.

Step Five – Install Railings on the Steps.

Railings provide a form of safety while climbing up and down the steps. When installing the railings, you should ensure that the railings are easy to grip. You will need to install four railings on the steps. The top and bottom railings are on both sides of the stairs. Start installing the railings by attaching the railing post outside the steps.

Additionally, you should set the post sleeves and attach balusters to the top and bottom rails.


If you want to build steps with composite decking, you have to plan the decking stairs carefully. Following the approaches in this article will guide you in your decking step projects.


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