How to Build a Small Decking Area in Your Garden

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Composite decking boards installed in a garden

If you have a garden, you can add ultradecking boards to make it look modern and classy. You can either choose a composite or a wood decking for your garden. But composite decking is preferable to wood since it’s more durable and has a longer lifespan. Building a deck in your garden is easy. You can do it yourself if you don’t want to hire a professional. Consider building a small decking area in your garden.

Steps to Build a Decking Area in Your Garden

brown composite decking in a small garden

There are easy ways to build a small decking area in your garden. Whether your garden area is smooth or on a rough surface, you can always build a deck on it. You can build the deck directly on the ground. If you don’t want to lay the decking on the ground, you can use a riser to elevate the decking. The steps laid down below will guide you in building a decking area in your garden.

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

Gather all you will need to do for decking in your garden before starting. You can get your supplies at a local store. The materials you will need in making a small decking in your garden include a hammer, spirit level, decking boards( composite decking or wood), treated wood to make your decking post, and a joist. You will also need fasteners, handsaws, power drills, strings, weed control fabrics, sprays and pegs.

Step Two: Prepare the Site

Mark the area in your garden where you want to build your deck. Then measure the area with measuring tape. After you have calculated the length and width of your deck, use pegs to mark out the corners of the deck. Once you have done that, attach a string to the pegs and mark out the square dimension of your deck.

So, when you have finished marking out the area, start clearing the site. Clear the small decking area in your garden using a spade to remove grass or rock that might be on the site. Remove the grass from the site until it’s levelled. You can use your spirit level to check for balance.

Once the site is levelled, you can now proceed to apply a weed killer spray on the site to prevent grass from growing under your decking. If you don’t have a weed killer spray, you can also spread weed control fabric on the decking area. After that, place some gravel on the deck area. It would be best to also dig fitting holes in the spot where you will place your post.

Step Three: Lay your Decking Joist

The decking joist is a wooden framework that serves as a support for your decking. Start building your joist by first installing the joist hanger. After installing the hanger, attach the joist board inside the hanger. You can now close the frame by attaching a rim joist along the open-ended edge of the joist.

When building the joist, ensure that it is uniform and properly spaced. The spacing shouldn’t be more than 16 OC since you are building the deck in your garden. It would be best to use treated timber to make a joist for your decking.

Step Four: Lay the Decking

After you have finished building the joist, start laying your composite decking on the joists. Use clips and screws to attach the composite decking to the joist. When laying your composite decking boards, you should leave a space of about 5 mm between the decking boards. These gaps will allow the decking boards to expand when there is a temperature change. Additionally, if you are laying the decking close to the wall, you should leave a space of about 15 mm between the wall and the decking.

Step Five: Finish the Decking

Now that you have finished laying the decking boards in your garden, you can now finish the decking edges. Blend the edges of the decking to match the look of the decking board. You can use picture framing, fascia board, or a plastic end cap to finish your decking. Additionally, you can also paint the edges with a matching paint colour as the decking.


You can build a small decking area in your garden with either wood or composite decking. Follow the steps laid down in this write-up to make a beautiful deck in your garden.


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