How Much Does a Plastic Decking Cost?

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How Much Does a Plastic Decking Cost?

Before you start building a deck, you need to know the type of decking material to choose. Wood, composite and plastic decking are the popular decking materials that are available in the market. Homeowners do consider a lot of factors when choosing a decking material. Apart from the durability and aesthetics, the cost of the material also matters. Composite decking is a durable material, so is plastic decking. But how much does plastic decking cost?

What is Plastic Decking? 

Plastic decking is a decking material that is made of plastic only. Some people even confuse plastic decking as the same as composite decking, but they differ. Composite decking consists of a mixture of both wood and plastic, while plastic or PVC decking contains 100% plastic. Plastic decking is made with polyvinyl chloride, which is typically used for outdoor siding and fencing. 

How Much Does a Plastic Decking Cost?

Composite decking and plastic decking have similar features but differ in price. Plastic decking is more expensive than composite decking. It is the most expensive decking material in the market. The average price of wood decking is £10 while that of composite is £15. What about plastic decking? How much does plastic decking cost?

How Much Is Plastic Decking?

The cost of plastic decking may vary depending on the brand. When it comes to price, the average cost of plastic decking is between around £10 per metre to £15. 

Wood decking, on the other hand, is much less. Depending on the type of wood used for the decking, softwood can cost £5 per meter. At the same time, other wood types like hardwood which is more expensive than softwood can cost £10 per metre. 

Advantages of Plastic Decking

Despite plastic decking costs, it also has its advantages. We will consider a few of the benefits of plastic decking.


Plastic decking is durable, like composite. The decking board is resistant to the elements and less likely to get damaged. Plastic decking can not warp, crack or splinter like wood decking. It is a strong material that will last longer.

Easy to Maintain

 Plastic decking is also easy to maintain. The board is easy to clean; you can remove dirt and stain from the surface easily. Plastic decking boards also come in different shades. A good thing about the decking is that the colour of the decking will not fade like that of wood. The plastic board will remain beautiful for years—no need to apply paint or deck stains on plastic decking.

Resistant to Moisture

PVC board is far more resistant to moisture than wood decking. Wood is a hygroscopic material that can absorb water from the environment.  When wood absorbs moisture over a long period, the wood will swell and will eventually rot. But plastic decking is 100% water resistant making it difficult for it to absorb moisture.   Plastic decking’s high resistance to water and moisture gives it an advantage over wood.

Disadvantages of Plastic Decking

Like all decking materials, plastic decking also has its disadvantages. First, the decking is more expensive than composite and wood decking. Homeowners who are on a budget may choose to go for composite decking instead of plastic. Apart from that, PVC decking can become very slippery when wet when compared to composite or wood. 

Also, since it is made with plastic material only, PVC decking has a synthetic look. Homeowners who prefer the texture of wood grain may not want to purchase plastic decking.

In addition, if you expose plastic decking to the sun for a long time, the decking colour can fade over time. The decking can also become brittle over the years, making it more prone to damage.

Is Plastic Decking Worth It?

Considering the advantages of plastic decking, we can conclude that it is a good decking choice. Despite its cost, plastic decking is worth it. The decking is durable and long-lasting. Apart from that, plastic decking is also resistant to moisture and rot. 


How much does plastic decking cost? PVC decking price varies according to the brand. The average cost is about £10 to £15 per metre. 



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