How Long Does the Composite Decking Board Last?

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How Long Does the Composite Decking Board Last?

When choosing a decking, the lifespan of the decking is an important factor to consider. Of all the deckings in Ultradecking, composite decking is regarded as the best decking material to install in your home or garden. It is durable and also lasts long. It is said to have an extended lifespan compared to wood and even plastic decking. How long can a composite decking board last?

Composite Decking Lifespan

How Long Does the Composite Decking Board Last?

Composite decking, also known as wood-plastic decking, is a strong and durable material that can last long. This decking material is the best option for wood and plastic decking since it contains a mixture of both decking materials. There are various brands of composite decking with varying warranties. Some composite boards have a warranty of 25 years. At the same time, others have a warranty of 30 years and above. When choosing composite decking, choose a brand with a  longer warranty. To know how long a composite decking can last, you should compare it with other decking types.

How Wood-Plastic Decking Compares to Timber Decking

Timber decking is one of the materials you can use in making a deck. It is the oldest material homeowners use in building a deck in their homes. Some homeowners value timber decking because of its natural look and texture. Timber decking is available in different wood species. Most of the timber is available in hardwood or softwood.

Hardwood, like Ipe, is durable and tends to last longer compared to softwood. They have a natural resistance to termites and will not rot on time. On the other hand, softwoods have to be treated to make them last for a long time. You have to treat softwood to make it resistant to termite and decay. With proper maintenance, wood decking can last for 10 to 15 years, while hardwood can last for 15 years and above.

The downside of timber decking is that they absorb moisture from the environment. When humidity is high, a wood decking will absorb moisture and swell. Homeowners will have to seal their timber decking to keep it from absorbing moisture. It can also warp, crack and splinter over years of use. It is not like composite decking that you can use without splintering on breaking. So if you compare composite decking to wood, you can see that composite decking has a longer lifespan than timber.

How Wood-Plastic Decking Compares to PVC

PVC is another kind of decking that lasts long. If you want to know which lasts longer between composites and PVC decking, we have to compare them. PVC is a good decking material similar to composite decking. In terms of aesthetics, composite decking is preferable to PVC because plastic decking has a synthetic look. The colour of PVC decking does not fade like timber decking. Its colour can stay beautiful for a long time.

Apart from that, plastic decking is also durable. Since plastic is resistant to rot water, moisture and insects, a PVC decking cannot be damaged by this element. Also, plastic decking cannot warp or splinter like wood. It is a kind of decking that you will enjoy using if you install it in your home. Plastic decking also has a very similar lifespan to composites; PVC can last 20 years.

Why Composite Decking Lasts Long

If you’re wondering why composite decking lasts longer than other decking materials, here are a few of the reasons.

Firstly, the colour of the wood-plastic decking board does not fade if you expose it to ultraviolet rays. It is not like wood that fades rapidly on exposure to sunlight. Composite boards come in different colours and can last for a very long time, depending on the composite decking brand you purchase.

A composite board colour can last as long as the lifetime of the material. This is one of the reasons why composite decking lasts so long. Homeowners don’t have to paint or stain a composite decking like wood decking.

In addition, composite decking is a durable material that will not warp, crack or splinter like wood. It is also resistant to the weather. Composite decking will last longer during temperature change since it will not be damaged if it expands and contracts.


A composite decking board can last for a very long time. Depending on the brand of the composite board you purchase, it can last for 25 to 30 years and above.

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