How Long Do Composite Decks Last

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How Long Do Composite Decks Last

Ultra decking composite is said to have a longer lifespan than other decking materials like wood and plastic. Every homeowner will want decking material with a longer warranty; no wonder composite deck is increasingly common in homes. A composite deck will last for a long time since it’s strong, durable and resistant to weather conditions. But how long will a composite deck last?

What is Composite Decking Made Of?

Composite materials like composite decking usually last longer than traditional materials. The composite board used in building a deck is made from two different materials. It is different from wood decking, which is made from wood only. PVC decking also differs from the composite board because it is not made from two different materials. 

A PVC board is made only from plastic, but a composite board is made from wood and plastic; that’s why it is also referred to as wood-plastic or WPC. The plastics used in making composite boards are those that have been recycled. A bonding agent with the recycled plastic and wood fibres is mixed, heated and cooled to form composite boards. 

Why a Composite Deck Will Last longer

How Long Do Composite Decks Last

Let’s consider a few reasons why building a wood-plastic board will last longer than other materials.

It is Durable

The combination of wood fibre and plastic material makes composite decking stronger and more durable than timber and PVC decking. Wood-plastic decking is strong and will not crack or break easily like timber. It can withstand heavier foot traffic than timber decking. Also, composite decking can not splinter over time like wood. It is a durable material, which is why it will last long.

Resistant to Termites

 We all know that insects cannot damage plastic, so it is difficult for insects like termites to damage them since composite boards contain plastic. On the other hand, wood decking is not termite resistant; it’s a reason why the wood doesn’t last long. But, if you use a composite board to build your deck, there is no need to worry that termites will shorten the lifespan of your deck. Wood-plastic decking will last longer since insects like termites will not be able to damage the board.

It Is Weather-Resistant

Also, WPC decking is resistant to the weather elements like moisture, heat and cold. Heat can not damage a composite deck, nor can the decking absorb moisture. When the temperature is high, the decking will expand without shifting from its original position. It will also contract when the weather is cool without any damage. 

Wood-plastic decking will not warp like wood if it expands and contracts. The decking also has UV protection that prevents the sun from fading the decking colour. Wood or plastic decking doesn’t have this protection; wood will fade if exposed to the sun.

How Long Will the Composite Deck Last?

Now that we know that a wood-plastic deck will last longer consider how long the deck will last. The lifespan of composite boards is between 25 and 30 years. Depending on the decking brand, some wood-plastic decking can even last longer than that. 

Other Benefits of a Composite Deck

It has a Beautiful Surface

The decking has a more beautiful surface than other decking materials. It looks like wood and has a wood texture, making the decking look more natural. The composite decking also has different colours that can complement the look of your outdoor space. The composite board comes in brown, grey, chocolate, black and silver colours. And the good thing about composite decking is that the colour will not fade easily. The deck can stay for several years and still look beautiful.

Easy Maintenance than Wood

Another benefit of a WPC deck is that it is easy to maintain. A wood-plastic deck is not like a timber deck that requires plenty of maintenance. If you build a deck with a wood-plastic board, it won’t need staining or painting. It also will not need sanding like wood.

Building a deck with a WPC board will also help you save money on maintenance. Cleaning the decking with soapy water will make it look beautiful.


If you build a composite deck, it will last longer than a wood or plastic deck. The composite board will last for 25 to 30 years, although it depends on your purchase brand.



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