How Hot Will Composite Decking Get in the Sun?

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How hot a Ultradecking board can get in the sun depends on the kind of decking you install. If you install some kinds of composite decking under direct sunlight, it can become very hot. In contrast, there is some other kind of composite decking that won’t get hot. Composite decking with dark colours gets hot in the sun than lighter colours. This light-coloured decking reflects the sun, thereby reducing heat absorption. To know how hot a composite board can get in the sun, let’s discuss more on composite decking material.

What to Know About Composite Decking?

Composite decking or wood-plastic decking is a durable type of decking material compared to wood. It is made with plastic and wood to make it a strong and durable flooring material option. A good thing about wood-plastic decking material is that it looks like wood but much better than wood.  The deckings makers created wood-plastic decking as a solution to the problem associated with woods.

Homeowners whose wood decking suffered from early damages have benefited from installing composite decking in their homes. Composite decking is so strong and durable that it has a prolonged lifespan. It is also water-resistant and cannot warp, break, or splinter like wood.

However, one of the downsides of composite decking is that it can get hot if you expose it to direct sunlight. How hot then can a composite decking get? Before we get the answers to that, let’s see why composite decking gets hot in the first place.

Why Composite Decking Gets Hot

How Hot Will Composite Decking Get in the Sun?

Most times, decking materials are installed outdoors without a shade except if you want to build a patio. These flooring materials are exposed to direct sunlight, thereby making them absorb heat from the sun. Composite decking, wood decking and plastic decking are examples of outdoor decking materials. If you exposed a wood decking to direct sunlight, the board would not get too hot. Wood does not absorb much heat from the sun. That also depends on whether you paint the wood or not. If you paint a wood decking black, it will surely get hot under direct sunlight.

Plastic decking, on the other hand, will also absorb heat and get hot if you expose it to direct sunlight. What about composite decking boards? Will it get hot in the sun? A composite decking board will get hot if you expose it to direct sunlight. However, the colour of the composite decking board also matters.

As mentioned earlier, if you Install a dark-coloured composite board in your garden without a shade over it, the board can become very hot in summer.  It is because dark coloured material, in general, absorbs heat if you expose them to direct sunlight than lighter colours.

How Hot Will Decking Get in the Sun

How hot a composite decking can get if you expose it to the sun depends on the decking colour. There are the dark-coloured composite decking and those with lighter colours. The dark coloured boards are dark-grey, dark-brown, anthracite grey and oak. At the same time, the light-coloured ones are grey, brown and silver decking boards. If you install any of the dark coloured boards without a shade over it, the decking will get very hot in summer. The lighter colours like silver and grey will not get hot as the dark ones.

How to Keep Your Composite Decking From Getting Hot

One way to keep your composite decking from getting hot is by erecting a shade over it. The shade will serve as a barrier between the decking and the sun. It will keep the decking board from absorbing heat from the sun.

Another way to prevent your composite decking from getting hot is by Installing lighter colours instead of darker ones. The light coloured boards absorb less heat from the sun, preventing the decking material from becoming hot. So, if you are living in hot regions, go for light-coloured decking. Then for those in cool regions, you can install the dark or light coloured composite decking outdoors.

Lastly, if you don’t want to install a shade over your outdoor composite decking, you can go for a heat resistant composite decking board. Composite decking manufacturers now have heat resistant decking boards that will not get hot if exposed to direct sunlight.


How hot a composite decking can get in the sun depends on its colour. Dark-coloured composite deckings can become very hot if you expose them to the sun compared to light-coloured ones.

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