How Good is Ultra Decking Composite Decking?

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If you’re building a decking, Ultradecking composite decking are second to none when it comes to low-maintenance, durability, and lifespan. Choosing what type of material to use can be easy, but the hard part is picking a brand. With so many manufacturers in the market, deciding where to buy can be a hard decision. How good is ultra decking composite decking?

In the UK, there are many composite decking board brands available. But if you’re looking for the best brand, you may want to consider Ultradecking. Ultradecking is a well-known company in the UK that produces high-quality composites for decking for excellent value. It is one of the best brands in the UK.

How Good Are Ultradecking Boards

Many composite decking manufacturers offer different line-ups of boards. In general, the higher the price of the material, the better the quality of the decking boards. The same goes for Ultradecking.

Ultradecking has different products at different price ranges. The cheapest of the products are Home Choice and Home Choice Premiere. They also have the Exclusive Natural Collection, which are slightly more expensive than the Home Choice. Lastly, the best product that they offer is their Signature Collection. Each of the collections has different advantages.

Ultradecking Composite Decking Board Line Up

How Good is Ultra Decking Composite Decking?

The Home Choice series of composite decking boards are the best entry-level choice, being low-maintenance, easy to clean, and anti-slip. But the best thing about the Home Choice Series is its reversible design. You can choose from two different designs on a single decking board. One side of the board has wider grooves, while the other has thinner ones. This line of products also has ten years of residential warranty.

Next on the line-up is Exclusive Natural. It has better slip, stain, and scratch resistance compared to the previous line. It also has 15 years of residential warranty, longer than Home Choice. As the name suggests, it sports an authentic appearance similar to wood. Like Home Choice, it also is reversible, giving you the freedom of choosing between a grain-textured design or a grooved surface.

Lastly, there’s the Signature Collection. Among all the products of Ultradecking, it has the best features. It has superior resistance to slips, scratches, and UV fading, due to having a top-quality plastic coating. It also comes in different colours, from Grey to Teak. This line of decking boards is also hollow, which makes them easier to install and transport.

It also gives them added resistance to expand, shrink, and warp. It’s also reversible, giving you the choice of either a realistic wood grain texture or a smooth, modern-looking surface. The Signature Collection has 25-year residential warranty coverage, ensuring that you’ll enjoy your decking for decades.

Overall, Ultradecking features low-maintenance, anti-slip, reversible, and beautiful-looking decking boards for an excellent price. All of their boards are also grooved, which makes use of hidden fastening clips. Of course, the only way you can tell whether a composite decking board is on par with your standards and expectations is by having it on hand. Fortunately, you can request samples from Ultradecking to see first-hand how good their products are.

Other Available Products

Aside from decking boards, Ultradecking also offers other decking-related products. If you’ll build a composite decking, it’s best to use composite joists as well. The good news is, Ultradecking also sells composite joists, which have the same durability and protection against moisture, rotting, and mould growth.

They also have composite decking lights, which not only illuminates your backyard but also add safety. They are best installed along the stairs. If you plan on building the decking on sloped land or at an elevated level, you can also consider getting their adjustable decking pedestals.

With many brands in the UK, no doubt that Ultra Decking is one of the best. You can choose different high-quality products at various price ranges depending on your needs. You can also get all the things that you require by buying other necessary supplies to build a decking, such as joists, pedestals, and decking lights.


How good are Ultradecking composite decking boards? Ultradecking composite boards are easy to maintain, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to install.


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