How Do I Clean My Composite Decking Myself?

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How Do I Clean My Composite Decking Myself?

If you want to maintain the look of your Ultra Decking board, cleaning it is a must. Regular cleaning of your decking will make it look its best for a long time. However, cleaning your deck can come at little expense, as some do pay someone to do the cleaning. To reduce the cost of hiring a cleaner, you can do the cleaning yourself. This article will guide you on how to clean composite decking yourself.

 Ways to Clean Composite Decking Yourself

How Do I Clean My Composite Decking Myself?

Stains on your composite decking might be difficult to remove if you leave them for a long time. The general way to clean composite deckings is by sweeping them to remove dirt and debris. It also involves using liquid dish soap and water to clean the deck surface.  Hence, cleaning your decking is crucial if you want to maintain its looks. Here are some easy ways to clean stains from your composite decking yourself.

Cleaning Hard Water Stain

Hard water can leave spots on your composite decking, thereby discolouring it. If you notice any hard water stains on your deckings, you don’t need to worry. You can remove the hard water stains if you clean your composite decking. To remove the stains away from your decking, use diluted vinegar. Use the solution to clean the decking by pouring it on your deck surface and scrubbing the deck with a bristle brush. Scrub with the brush until the hard water stains are gone. To keep the stains from reoccurring, ensure you stop rinsing your deck with hard water.

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings can create a mess with your composite decking. It would help if you cleaned any bird droppings you noticed immediately on your composite deckings. When removing bird poop from your decking, you need to be careful. Remove the excrement with care to avoid scratching your composite decking. Do not use any sharp objects to scrape the bird droppings off your deck.

You can remove bird droppings away from a composite decking yourself by first rinsing the deck with water to soften the excrement. After rinsing your deck with water, get a deck brush and use it to scrub the deck surface gently. You can even add a deck cleaner or a liquid dishwasher free of ammonia to clean the deck.

Ensure you scrub the deck thoroughly to remove any trace of bird droppings on your deck. After you have done that, use a pressure washer or a garden hose to rinse the entire decking to leave no trace of soap on your deck.

Mould Stains

Like wood decking, composite deckings are also susceptible to mould. The mould on your deck surface can disfigure the look of your decking. Cleaning your deck by removing the mould from the deck surface is a good way to get rid of mould. If you want to remove the mould stains, you can do it yourself without the help of a professional.

To remove the stains yourself, you can use vinegar and baking soda to clean your composite decking. Start by rinsing your deck entirely with a pressure washer to remove some of the moulds. Then get vinegar from the store and pour it on your deck. Do not pour the vinegar undiluted on your deck surface. Ensure you dilute the vinegar with water before you pour it on your deck.

Then, allow the vinegar to stay on your decking for a few minutes before adding baking soda. You can even mix the baking soda powder with the vinegar and pour it on your decking. Allow the mixture to stay on your decking for a while before using a deck brush to scrub the decking gently.

Ice and Snow

Snow and ice can make your composite decking slippery if you don’t remove it from the deck surface. You can clean the decking yourself if there is snow or ice on it. If there is not much snow, you can use a blower to remove the snow from your deck surface.

But, if the snow has built up and formed into ice, do not use a metal shovel to shove it away. The shovel can scratch the surface of your composite decking. You can make use of a shovel with a plastic edge to clean the snow away from your composite decking. If you want to make cleaning ice from the decking much easier, apply ice melt on your deck. The ice melt will dissolve the ice away from your deck surface.


Homeowners can clean their composite decking by themselves. They can start by rinsing the decking before scrubbing the surface to remove all kinds of stains.

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