How Do I Build Composite Decking Myself? Composite decking installation is not difficult, but it is important that you lay the decking right. When installing composite decking, there are guidelines you have to follow to lay the decking well. Some decking brands even provide guidelines on joist spacing and spacing between the decking boards. If you don’t know deck building, this article will guide you on how to build composite decking.

What You Should Know Before Building Composite Decking 

There are two types of composite decking boards to choose from, capped and uncapped composite decking. The capped decking is suitable for any environment; you can use it in dry and wet areas. While the uncapped decking is best suited in dry areas as it does not have a high moisture resistance. Depending on the area you are living, choose the decking board that is best suited for you. 

Also, there is the ungrooved and grooved composite decking. The grooved composite decking is the best option for homeowners who want hidden installation. But if you want surface installation, choose the ungrooved undecking. However, while laying the joist for your decking, ensure you space the joist accurately. The decking joist spacing should be between 12 inches  OC and 16 inches OC. You should also ensure that you leave an appropriate space of 5 mm between the decking board.

Steps On How To Build Composite Decking

How Do I Build Composite Decking Myself?

The first thing to do before you start to build your deck is to gather the materials you will need. You will tape, saw, drill, shovel, pegs and rope. Apart from that, you will also need fasteners, decking boards and treated planks. After you have gotten all your materials, you can now proceed to start building composite decking yourself.

Step One – Prepare the Location  

Choose the location you want to build your deck. Then clear the area to remove stone and sticks. If there are grasses in the place you want to build the deck, remove the grasses. Also, if the area is uneven, use a shovel to level the area. When you have finished preparing the area, measure the dimension of your deck. 

Then, spray a weed killer on the spot to prevent grass from growing under your decking. Use pegs to mark where you will put the posts. The post will serve as a foundation for your composite decking. After laying the post, you can now proceed to build the base.

Step Two – Build the Base

The base of your decking will depend on the kind of deck you want to build. If you want to construct an elevated deck, the base will be above ground level. But if you want to lay the decking in the grass, you will have to build a ground-level base. Suppose you want to lay your decking on the ground, cover the area with a weed control fabric or spray weed killer. Then pour gravel on the area and level it with a shovel. You can now build the base by attaching planks to the posts.

Step Three – Construct the Joists

After building the base, the next step is to build the decking joist. The decking joist will serve as support for your decking. It is on the joist that you will lay your composite decking. You should use treated planks in building the decking joist to prevent the wood from rotting.

Build the decking joist by constructing the outer board and then the inner board. You should build the outer board first and then arrange it so that it will intersect with the inner board. Remember to space the joist appropriately to prevent the decking board from caving in when people stand on it.

Step Four – Lay the Composite Decking 

As soon as you finish building the joist, start laying the composite decking on it. Start arranging the decking board from the side of the wall. If you are using grooved decking, install the boards with starter clips before using the T-clips. But if you are installing an ungrooved decking, use screws. You can use a drill to drive screws from the board to the decking joist. 

When you are done laying the decking, cover the edges. There are different ways to cover the edges of composite decking. You can use a fascia board, picture framing or paint the edges with a similar colour to the decking board.


How to build composite decking yourself is easy. You need to prepare the area, build the joist and then lay the decking board on it.