How Can I Install Decking Boards In My Garden

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Composite decking is good for installing anywhere, especially in your garden. Adding an ultra decking to your garden has a lot of benefits. Besides improving your garden aesthetics, ultradecking boards can give your garden a contemporary look. With composite decking, you can create various garden decking designs. You can build a ground-level decking or an elevated decking. Some homeowners even use decking to create a multi-level decking design. How can you install decking boards in your garden?

Types of Decking Materials For Your Garden 

There are different kinds of decking boards you can install in your garden. Homeowners widely used wood decking boards before composite and PVC decking. Wood decking is affordable and good for homeowners who want to build a garden decking on a budget. Even though it’s cheap, most homeowners have stopped using wood decking due to the huge amount one must spend on maintenance. Also, wood decking does not last longer than composite and plastic decking. It is more susceptible to warp, splinter and rot.

Plastic or PVC decking is a durable material but has a synthetic look. It is not susceptible to damage like wood and has a longer lifespan. Plastic decking is resistant to moisture, rot and mould growth. The decking material is expensive but easy to maintain.

Composite decking is easy to maintain and also lasts the longest. It is the most common decking type now used to build a garden. Let’s consider how you can install a composite decking board in your garden.

How to Install Composite Decking Board

How Can I Install Decking Boards In My Garden 

Installing a composite decking board is easy, and if you are good at handling woods, it makes building the decking much easier. Before building your decking board, ensure you already have all the tools needed. It will help you work faster rather than stopping halfway because you don’t have a particular piece of equipment.

Step One – Gather Your Equipment

Gather all the things you will need to install your garden decking. You will use your decking boards, treated planks and faster. Apart from that, you will also need a shovel, tape, pegs, saw, gravel, weed control fabric or spray.

Step Two – Prepare the Area

Prepare the area you want to build your decking. If there’s grass on the area you want to use, use the shovel to remove the grass from the area. Check whether the area is levelled if there is no need to worry. But if the area is not levelled, level the area before you start to install your decking board.

As soon as you have removed grass and level of the area, use peg and string to mark the dimension of your decking. You should have measured the decking before using the peg to mark the area.  After that, dig holes around the spot and install the decking post.

Also, don’t forget to lay the weed control fabric on the decking area. The fabric will prevent grass from controlling beneath your decking. Lay the fabric on the spot and pour gravel on top of the fabric. 

Step Three – Build the Decking Frame

You can now use the treated planks to build a frame for your decking. The frame will serve as a support for your composite decking. It is on the frame that you will install your decking boarding your garden. Use the treated planks to build the frame. The advantage of using treated planks for building decking frames is that they won’t get damaged on time. Treated planks will not rot easily, and termites will also not destroy the wood.

Step Four – Install the Decking Boards

Start installing the decking boards in your garden when you have finished building the decking frame. If you are using composite decking, ensure you leave a space of about 5 mm between the decking boards. It will prevent the decking from damaging when it expands. 

Lay the decking from the side of the building or wall with the decking fasteners. Keep installing the decking until you have finished laying all the boards.

Step Five- Finish the Ends of the Decking

Finishing the ends or edges of your decking is important if you want it to look even. There are different ways to finish or conceal the edge of your decking boards. Picture framing, fascia boards, veneer caps, vinyl nosing are among the various methods you can use to hide the ends of your decking. 


Installing decking boards in your garden is not difficult. After purchasing the boards, get your tools ready and follow the steps in this write-up.


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