After building your deck, it’s time to add the finishing touches. For this, you have some excellent options that you can choose. There are three commonly used methods to finish a deck. You can either use picture framing, install fascia boards, or cover it with paint. Which one should you use? 

Adding a Picture Frame Finish

One way to create a picture-perfect patio is by adding a picture frame finish, which is also sometimes called racetrack finishing. To do this, you will need to install a trim board around the perimeter of the patio, which forms something similar to a picture frame. 

How do you do this? Adding a picture frame finish should be planned from the start. It requires adding support beams for the frame boards that will be placed parallel to the joists. The installation of the frame boards is similar to how you install the other boards. 

Why should you use this finishing method? First, it gives a new dimension to the deck by adding some contrast. You can do this by adding composite decking materials that compliment the colour of the patio. With this finishing, it can elevate a good-looking deck to another level. You can even highlight some of the spots of the deck with the border boards. 

Another reason why you may want to use this is for safety. How? The border boards can act as a visual cue for people on the patio. It’s effective in doing so, especially when placed on the stairs or the edge of the deck. 

Adding Fascia Boards

While picture frame finish is one of the best finishing, it does require proper planning and some extra effort. Another easy and effective way to hide the edges is by using fascia boards. It gives the patio a polished look, and at the same time, protecting the edges of the boards.

How do you install fascia boards? You will need to use the same material that your deck is made up of. If you have a composite deck, it’s best to use
composite decking materials. Then, you will need to measure the edges of the patio and cut a board that will fit on those spaces. Finally, attach the boards to the rim joists.

Why do you want to use this method? This method is not only easier, but it also gives your deck a polished look. If you used different-coloured but complementary boards, it can add contrast to your deck. 

Using End Coating Paint

Some homeowners prefer the look of the raw, rustic and unfinished patio. However, leaving the boards as is can actually damage them from certain elements. Fortunately, there’s another way to get that look without sacrificing the overall wellbeing of the deck.

To do this, all you need to use is a special paint that can protect the edges of the boards. Some manufacturers offer end coating for decks. They are formulated to protect the edges of the deck from weather damage. 

Why should you use this finishing method? Out of all the three, this finishing technique is the easiest. You don’t need careful preparation nor need to gather more materials. All you will need is the paint and a roller or a paintbrush. Even though not as fancy as the two previous finishing methods, painting your deck can still give it a polished look. You can also select which colour to use, which can create contrast. 

Which One Should You Choose?

All three options are great deck finishing. If you’re in the process of planning your deck, it’s the best time to add picture framing on the layout. If your deck only needs finishing touches, picture framing is out of the choices. If so, you may want to consider adding fascia boards instead. However, if you like the unfinished and raw look for your patio, consider using an end coating paint for deck edges. This can help you achieve that look and protect the deck at the same time.