Easy Ways To Care For Your Outdoor Decking

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Installing your decking outdoors will expose it to the weather elements. However, caring for your decking is very important. Materials like wood, composite and plastic decking are the most common decking installed outdoors. All these decking materials need maintenance to make them last longer. Although composite and plastic decking is durable decking materials, you still need to care for them. That’s why we write on easy ways you can care for your outdoor decking.

Ways To Care For Your Outdoor Decking

Caring for your outdoor decking is essential since it’s exposed to rain, snow, moisture and ultraviolet rays. Moisture can cause mould to grow on your decking. It can also make a wood decking swell and decay over time. But if you care for your outdoor decking, you can prevent the wood from decaying. Let’s see some ways you can maintain your outdoor decking.

Clean Your Decking Regularly

One of the ways you can care for your outdoor decking is by cleaning it regularly. Regular cleaning of your decking will prevent mildew and mould from growing on it. Dead leaves and food scraps on your decking can cause mould growth. But regular cleaning of the wood or composite board will make it look attractive for a long time.

 Cleaning your decking will prevent leaves from piling up on the surface. It will also reduce dirt from accumulating. Regularly sweeping the decking with a broom is a good way to care for your outdoor flooring material. In addition, you can also wash your decking if it looks dirty. Wash the deck with ammonia-free soap or scrub the surface with baking soda. Avoid using chlorine bleach to wash your decking. Chlorine bleach can remove stains faster but is bad for decking, especially composite decking.

Don’t Leave Snow on Your Decking.

Easy Ways To Care For Your Outdoor Decking

Another way you can care for your outdoor decking is by getting rid of snow on the deck. In winter, snow can pile up on your wood, plastic or composite decking. If you allow the snow to stay on it for a long time, its weight can affect your deck.

 Aside from that, when there is snow on your outdoor decking, it can slippery your decking surface. A slipping deck can cause falls and injuries. You won’t want your kids to fall on your deck while walking, so ensure you care for your outdoor decking. 

Remove Snow Carefully

Before shovelling it away, don’t allow the snow to accumulate on your decking. You can always use a shovel with a plastic edge to remove the snow from your decking. Ensure you avoid using a metal shovel as it can scrape your decking surface. You can use a leaf blower to shove the snow away from your decking for light snowfall. 

You can also use ice melt to dissolve the ice on your decking. Ice melt is effective in melting ice on walkways, sidewalks and roadways. When choosing ice melt for your decking, select a type that suits the material. Always apply the ice melt moderately. Rock salt is a common ice melt used in dissolving ice. You can apply the rock salt directly on the ice or on your decking before it starts snowing. 

When choosing ice melt, you should also avoid the one that contains colouring or dye. It will prevent the ice melt from discolouring your decking surface.

Also, avoid the ones that contain grit, as they can also scratch your composite decking surface.

Treat Your Decking

 You can also care for your outdoor decking by treating it. Decking made from wood material need treatments to make them last longer. Since wood is natural, it makes it more susceptible to damage. A wood decking can absorb moisture from the atmosphere. 

Apart from that, the termite can attack wood. Treat your decking or moisture absorption to prevent insect attacks on your decking from increasing its lifespan. It will also keep the wood from absorbing moisture. 

To care for outdoor decking, treat wooden decking with decking oils or stains. Apply the oil or stains all over your decking with a paintbrush. You should sand your decking first before applying the stains if previously stained.


Caring for your outdoor decking is easy. You can do that yourself by cleaning the decking regularly and ensuring that you don’t leave snow on the surface.



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