Easy Tips On Composite Decking Maintenance

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Composite decking maintenance is not as difficult as wood decking. It is an easy task that requires cleaning using simple tools like brooms and brushes. Homeowners who install Ultradecking boards in their homes can maintain them easily by following the tips in this write-up. This article contains easy tips on composite decking maintenance.

Composite Decking Maintenance

Maintaining plastic wood decking is a simple task. It is something you can do on your own without hiring a professional. Caring for your composite decking boards will keep them from getting damaged. Besides that, it will extend the lifespan of your decking.

Homeowners can maintain their decking by regular cleaning and removing stains. Also, avoid placing hot objects or dragging things on composite boards. How else can you maintain a composite board? Let us consider some tips on composite decking maintenance.

Tips on Composite Decking Maintenance

Easy Tips On Composite Decking Maintenance

Don’t Drag Objects On A Composite Decking

One of the tips of composite decking maintenance is to avoid dragging objects on it. If you want to move any object on your plastic wood decking, lift it or carry it. Avoid dragging furniture, flower pots, or other objects on a composite board. Dragging things on a composite board could cause the shell to scratch. If you want to keep your decking board beautiful for decades, avoid dragging objects to prevent the decking from scratching.

Get Rid of Leaves

If you leave dead leaves and twigs for too long on your plastic wood decking, it can grow mould. The leaves can trap moisture on your decking surface and cause mould to grow on it. To prevent mould growth on your decking surface, do not allow leaves and twigs to accumulate. Homeowners should remove leaves and twigs by sweeping them with a broom.

Remove Oil And Grease Stains

Another composite decking maintenance tip is to remove stains on the decking surface. Homeowners who are using their decking as a cooking and dining area should always check for grease stains. If you notice an oil or grease stain on the decking surface, do not allow it to stay long. Remove the grease stain with vinegar and baking soda. Use the baking soda and vinegar mixture to scrub the affected area with a decking brush.

Avoid Placing Hot Objects on The Decking

Remember, composite decking contains both wood and plastic material. Placing a hot object on the decking surface will distort the look of the appearance. If you want the decking to look its best, do not place a hot grill directly on the decking. Homeowners who use their decking as an outdoor kitchen should ensure that they place the barbecue grill on a grill mat.

Remove Mould On Composite Decking 

Tips on composite decking maintenance are simple. If you allow mould to grow on the surface of your composite decking, it will distort the appearance of your patio. First, rinse the decking with water to remove mould and mildew from the surface. After rinsing the decking, scrub the surface with a brush and diluted vinegar. It will remove the mould from your composite decking.

Sweep Away Dirt And Debris

Sweeping your composite decking ensures the removal of dirt and debris from its surface. Remove leaves from the decking top, especially in autumn. Sweep your plastic wood decking surface thoroughly. Check the gaps between the boards to see if dirt is between them. Remove dirt on the spaces between the boards to allow easy passage of water.

 Remove Ice And Snow From Your Composite Decking

In winter, ice and snow can accumulate on your decking surface. You should not allow this to happen. Composite decking maintenance involves removing any snow that builds upon the surface. To remove snow and ice on your deck surface, you can use a shovel with a plastic edge. The plastic edge of the shovel will prevent your plastic wood decking from scratching while removing the snow. Additionally, you can also use rock salt or ice melt to remove the ice on your decking. You can apply the ice melt on your decking before it starts snowing or directly on the ice.


There are many tips on composite decking maintenance. Ensure you avoid dragging objects or placing a hot object on plastic wood decking. You should also clean your decking to remove stains, dirt and debris.


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