Does a Deck or Patio Add More Value to a House


The aim of home improvements is not only to improve functionality and comfort but to enhance your property’s value. To boost your home’s resale value, ensure you add a decking or patio to your outdoor space.

Adding Value To Your Home

Caring for your home’s appearance is a smart way of increasing the aesthetic appeal of your home. This applies to the exterior and interior of your home. Using deckings to extend your home’s outdoor living space is the perfect way of adding curb appeal and style to your home, as well as functionality and cosiness. Decking addition has also been known to increase home value, but home much?

This year alone, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused serious fluctuations in the housing market. Though there have been some periods of boom, recession, and moments of stability, it can be challenging for you to take advantage of this wave of price volatility, particularly if you are interested in selling your house soon. Even others who do not intend to put their house on the market want to know which improvements will increase their property value.

Large composite deck on house

Outdoor living space is very important to home buyers, especially in this post-pandemic era. This means improving your outdoor space can make your home stand out and become more desirable. According to studies carried out in the UK, garden and decking were two of the most desirable features home buyers wanted in the last two years. According to real estate analysts, a pleasant garden alone will boost your home value by almost 20%.

Homebuyers swoon over the prospect of enjoying the comfort and serenity of the garden during the summer, and they can use decking to achieve this. The addition of outdoor living space, for example, decking will increase the resale value of a home by at least £11,000. This shows that investing in a deck or patio is a fantastic way of adding value to your home. You can earn as much as an 80% return on the initial investment cost. The figure might go up if you utilize low maintenance alternatives.

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How Does Decking Materials Affect Home Resale Values?

The decking material you intend to utilize is a highly important factor in determining the cost recovery of your deck renovation project. Composite and wood decking are the two most popular decking materials in the United Kingdom.

Wood decking

Wood deckings are said to have good investment returns. It is cheaper than the composite decking, meaning a more affordable deck project.

Wood deckings are prone to destruction by harsh weather and fluctuating temperature. As a result of this, wood deckings are high maintenance, which means more money and time needs to be channelled to upkeep, in the long run, to elongate their lifespan, sustain their resale value and quality.

Wood deckings should be avoided in places where there are inclement weather conditions because wood material may not withstand moisture and can warp due to excessive heat stress.

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Composite decking

Due to its superior quality, composite decking is more expensive than wood decking. A wood decking typically costs about £4 to £10 per metre, compared to £8 to £12 for a composite deck of equal size. This price difference represents the long-lastingness, reliability and enduring nature of composite material.

Ultradecking composite board is widely regarded as a low-maintenance alternative to wood decking. Harsh weather conditions, storms, rain and extreme heat have little or no effect on composite decking. It takes little effort and cost to maintain the quality of composite decking.

To keep your composite decking fresh and shiny, only minimal or light cleaning is needed. As a result, lots of homeowners prefer composite decking to escape the hassle and stress of regular and expensive maintenance.

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