Does Composite Decking Swell?


Composite decking can best be described as an alternative to wood. It is cost-efficient and long-lasting. Composite decking is manufactured from the use of plastic and wood. There is an increasing trend in the use of composite decking. It is becoming a household name as homeowners, are taking preference over wood.

Composite decking has a long durational use; it can withstand harsh weather conditions because of the materials used, i.e. wood and plastic. And unlike wooden decks, composite decking requires little maintenance that could be with little washing with soap and water from time to time; cleaning is effortless and fast. 

For beautification, it adds beauty and luxury because of its colour variety. And with kids, having an attractive colour will add fun outdoors with the utmost comfort that is provided by your composite decking.

It is a safe place for your family to spend time outdoors while providing safety against accidental falls. It is proven to be splinter-free, insect-proof, no cracks, and a range of colours that takes longer to fade. The manufacture of composite decking from composite decking materials makes it eco-friendly since they are mostly from recycled wood and plastic. 

Trees do not have to be cut down as with wood decking. Composite decking can be used virtually everywhere, hospital, home, and backyards.  


does composite decking swell

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Composite decking comes in different designs for you to choose from. It doesn’t matter what you settle for; each composite decking material gives you a unique and natural feel of wood. You are at liberty to pick composite decking between smooth surfaces or wood grain. With its high resistance to tear and wear, it will be perfect for installation at public places

The installation of composite decking does not require expertise. It is simply the assemblage of the different tiles or planks to fit together and then clip them. 

You must understand that wood has a high moisture absorbing rate. It is composed of more than half of moisture content. And because of this, composite decking, both expands and contracts against the weather conditions from the place it is installed. 

When composite decking is widely spaced by leaving room at installations no matter how small, it opens a window to moisture to gain access. Composite decking is manufactured from wood; this means it can absorb water though not easily. Think of the wood like someone that has been starved for a long time too although there is constant improvement in the production of highly resistant wood. With low moisture-absorbent rate, water that gets trapped around the composite decking will take longer to dry up.

Composite decking comes at different prices, and its quality can be assessed through the price of a product. When you’re considering purchasing durable and complete advantages of installing composite decking, you should go for the best quality. The type of composite decking determines the rate of moisture absorption. 

Composite decking in relation to water resistance or moisture absorbing rate depends largely on processing variables and the composition of the composite decking. That means some composite decking materials are manufactured with low percentage water resistance while some have a higher percentage rate of moisture resistance.

Once your composite decking absorbs water, drying or getting rid of it will be difficult. Naturally, when a block of wood gets wet, it swells. So, with water trapped in your composite decking, the inevitable swelling of your composite decking.

To avoid the swelling of your composite decking, you should seek clarity when making your purchase. Request for composite decking that is manufactured from little wood and more of plastic materials. 

There has been a consistent experiment in the composite decking industry, and certainly, there would be a breakthrough soon in manufacturing a composite decking that will be free from swelling by having a zero water resistance rate.

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