Does Composite Decking Require Maintenance?

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Time is gold. Many people even value their time over their money. So when it comes to decking, many want a decking that doesn’t require time and effort to maintain. However, many traditional wooden patios are high-maintenance. Not only will you need time and effort to keep it in the best shape possible, but you will also need to spend money to seal, stain, and paint the decking. Fortunately, there are other alternatives that you can choose, one of which is Ultradecking composite decking. But the question is, does composite decking require maintenance? If so, how do you maintain a composite decking?

Composite Decking Require Maintenance

Many think that composite decking doesn’t need any maintenance. The reason is, most people think that low-maintenance is no maintenance at all. Contrary to what most will think, you will need to take care of composite decking. While it doesn’t need as much attention as regular decking, you will need regular maintenance to keep it in its best possible condition.

While marketed as a low-maintenance decking, composites decking still has a few issues that you should watch out for. For instance, composite decking is resistant to natural mould growth. However, fallen leaves, dirt, and debris on the decking can still be the breeding ground for fungi. If left alone, they can spread to the decking’s surface. While it won’t damage the decking as fast as it would in wooden decking, it can stain and ruin your decking. Another problem associated with mould growth is that your decking can become very slippery, which can cause serious accidents.

Another reason why you should always take care of your composite decking is that when a decking board is ruined, you will have no choice but to replace it. Wood can be sanded, repainted, and resealed, but composites can’t. The good thing is that it will take a lot of negligence before it happens to composite decking. Nevertheless, you’ll want to prevent it from happening in the first place.

So, despite what most people think, you need to maintain your decking. However, the next question is, how do you take care of composite decking?

How to Take Care of Composite Decking?

Composite Decking Require Maintenance

While composite decking requires maintenance, it doesn’t need as much attention as wooden decking. Of course, you will still need to learn how to take care of it properly. The good thing is it’s not as complicated as you may think.

Cleaning the Decking

One of the best ways to maintain a decking is by having a regular cleaning schedule. You can prevent a lot of issues if you clean your decking regularly. One of which is that you can stop and prevent mould from growing on your decking. But how can you clean a composite decking? Here are the steps.

  1. Remove all the furniture, decorations, and plants on your decking. Make sure to lift them instead of dragging them, as it can graze your decking.
  2. Sweep your decking with a broom to remove leaves, pollen, dirt, and other debris.
  3. Rinse the decking with water. Doing this will prepare the decking for cleaning and makes the cleaning solution more effective.
  4. Create a cleaning solution by mixing water with soap. Do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals. You can find a list of chemicals that can damage your decking on the guides provided with the decking boards. You can also search for them on the web.
  5. Alternatively, you can also use commercial cleaning products. If you’re dealing with stains and moulds, you can also use a vinegar-baking soda solution.
  6. Next, get a soft-bristled brush and wet it with your cleaning solution. Gently scrub it on your decking, letting the solution sit on your decking for a few minutes. However, do not let it dry, unless it’s a commercial cleaning product and the instructions say otherwise. Because of this, you’ll want to work in batches.
  7. After brushing the decking, rinse it off with water until all the solution is wiped from the decking. You may also consider a power washer. However, make sure that it’s at the lowest setting to avoid damage. You might also check the boards’ manufacturers if you can use them on your decking.
  8. Finally, let the decking dry. After this, replace all your furniture and plants. Now you have a clean composite decking.

While composite decking is low-maintenance, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t need any maintenance. A regular cleaning schedule is key to keeping your decking at its best, making it last for decades.

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