Does Composite Decking Cause Cancer?

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Regarding the issue of safety, some homeowners were concerned if composite decking caused cancer. If you also doubt whether composite decking can cause cancer or not, this article will clarify your doubts. Composite decking is different from other building materials that may contain toxic chemicals. Adding ultradecking composite board to your home will not cause any health hazard to you or your loved ones. It is considered safe for man and his environment. To better understand, let’s see what composite decking is and why it can’t cause cancer.

Safe composite decking board

What is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is a type of decking made with materials that can not cause harm to a man. The decking makers use wood fibres and recycled plastic materials in making composite decking. Some of these recycled plastic materials are plastics that are used in packaging industries to pack food materials. The composite decking manufacturers also use plastics like shampoo containers, hair conditioners and more.

These materials are environmentally friendly thereby they do not contain harmful chemicals. The wood fibres in composite decking can not cause cancer in man and animals. Additionally, the recycled plastic material that the composite decking makers utilise in making composite decking can not cause cancer. Composite decking is a good decking material you can use in flooring your yard.

Additionally, composite decking is different from pressure-treated lumber that contains harmful chemicals. The chemicals in pressure-treated timber, when it comes in contact with man, can cause harm to man and even his pets.

Wood-plastic decking, on the other hand, is a material that can not cause any health hazard to man. The composite board is well sealed, it can not burst or crack. Apart from that, composite decking  is also a very durable decking type. Although it is man-made, unlike wood, it’s still considered safe and can not cause cancer.

Reasons Composite Decking Can Not Cause Cancer

Composite Decking is Eco-friendly

Composite decking is an eco-friendly building material.  Eco-friendly material is a kind of material that is safe for the environment. It is not a kind of material that will become a pollutant. Composite decking can not pollute the environment. It consists of wood and recycled plastic material which are eco-friendly.

Wood-plastic decking is the best eco-friendly building material to purchase. It is a reason why composite decking can not cause cancer. In addition, the production of composite decking also helps in removing waste plastics from the environment.

It Does Not Contain Toxic Chemicals

Another reason composite decking can not cause cancer is that it is not toxic. Composite decking is a material that does not contain toxic substances. Since toxic chemicals are absent in composite , there is no way they can cause cancer. Additionally, the wood and plastic material the makers used in producing composite boards are environmentally friendly.

If you install composite decking in your home, you and your loved ones can sit, walk and play on a composite decking. Composite decking is also safe for pets. You don’t need to worry that it can cause cancer since it doesn’t contain toxic chemicals.

Composite Decking Does Not Leach Chemicals

Composite decking also does not leach chemicals like pressure-treated timber. It is a reason why composite decking can not cause cancer. The makers enclosed the composite board in a way that it can not splinter. And since it is well sealed, there is no way it could leach chemicals into the environment. Composite decking is the best decking material option. It is safe for building decks and other things like garden beds, planters, pet houses and more.

Can Composite Decking Cause Cancer?

The response to whether composite decking can cause cancer is NO. Wood-plastic decking can not cancer, and it is not known to have caused it. It is an environmentally friendly decking type that is safe for use. You can use composite decking for as long as 25 to 30 years. It is the best and safest building material you can use for various purposes.


Composite decking does not cause cancer. In addition, the materials used in making composite decking are environmentally friendly and do not cause harm. Composite decking is safe for making decks, garden beds, pet houses, planters, and a lot more.


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