Cost to Resurface a Wood Deck with Composite Decking

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cost to resurface a wood deck with composite

Homeowners these days popularly choose composite materials for their decking. They look attractive and are durable, sustainable, and low-maintenance. If you don’t have composite decking yet, you might want to consider it to level up the look of your home. Replace the old ones that are probably showing their age already. Consider the material that you know will last and won’t require continuous upkeep. But of course, you want to check prices for resurfacing deckings before doing anything. Prices will differ based on the area you need and the type of composite you wish to use. Here are estimates to help you out. So, what is the cost to resurface wood decking with composite decking?

On average, building a composite decking costs about £25 to £54 per square foot, so for 144 square feet, you will need £3,600 to £7,700. That may look quite costly. However, the repair costs for composite decking boards are considerably lower than that of wood. Over time, you will spend more on fixing wood than composite ones. Labour will cost about £10 to £14 per square foot.

Resurfacing Costs

Replacing your old decking with composite ones will cost about £19 to £30 per square foot. That means that for a 144 square foot area, you will need £2,800 to £4,500. The work will include the removal of pieces, which is £6 per square foot, new composite boards for £4 to £12 per square foot, and the installation of the decking for £9 to £12 per square foot. If you want to demolish an area or remove the old structure, it will cost about £600.

Material Cost: 144 square feet

cost to resurface a wood deck with composite decking

Composite Deck Boards

The product either comes in boards or square tiles. They cost about £4 to £13 per square foot. Depending on the manufacturer, they have varying dimensions, but commonly, composite decking boards come as 1.25 inches thick and 5.25 inches wide. For a 144 square foot area, you will need about £576 to £1872.

Railing and Posts

For railings, you will need about £2.5 to £7.7 to get the work done. In a 144 square foot place, the price will run from £350 to £1,100. To get posts, the budget it requires runs from £2.1 to £5.21 per square foot and £300 to £750 for 144 square foot area.

Substructure and Hardware

Substructure for a 144 square foot place will be £750 to £1,250, and hardware is £100 to £200. Per square foot, they will cost £5.21 to £8.7 and £0.70 to £1.4, respectively. If the substructure is still strong, you may keep it and replace the boards and railings. 


The cost of labour will always depend on the work to be done. If you think of replacing your old decking, removing it will be £6 per square foot. For installing the boards and structure, professionals will charge about £9 to £12, while for stairs, you will need £25.  

If you have enough experience, you may do the work yourself as a DIY home project. That will cost significantly less, especially for labour, but would probably lead to more errors because you are not a professional. If you did some damage and want to call someone for repair, it will cost about £1,700. This is still up to you and your abilities.

You may contact a professional if you are unsure of what to do. Of course, it will cost more, but you will be sure that he will do better. However, many manufacturers sell only to authorised dealers, so that you might require their service. Lots of homeowners find themselves satisfied with composite decking. It might look like it costs more than wood, but actually, it lasts longer, so you won’t have to repair and replace it as often. It is low maintenance, but it looks attractive and will surely make your home admirable. Take note of these estimates, so you will be ready for the costs that you will need.


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