Is Composite Decking More Expensive Than Wood?

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The question that is raised in this article comes about when you think of the type of deck to use outside your home. Wood and composite decks are the likely options that you may consider, and in considering them, the question which is the main topic of this article comes to mind. 


Wood may be cheaper than composite decking boards, but in this article, some factors will be considered as to whether to choose wood or composite decks in your home.


·        Appearances

Is composite decking more expensive than wood

Composite boards that were made earlier looked artificial, but most modern composites have good multicoloured looks with different patterns. This assures you that no two composite board looks like. What we have in this modern time are composites that look like a wood deck; an example of this is MoistureShield’s Vision decking line. 


·        Moistness

A major problem with wood decking is that the boards absorb water a lot. If wood decking is not regularly stained, sealed or painted, it ends up cracking, warping and rotting. On the other hand, composite decking boards here at Ultra Decking are resistant to moisture; this makes them last even in high moisture circumstances without rotting.


Many composite companies make use of recycled materials which makes the decks environmentally friendly. Others use a hard plastic shell that is bonded to the composite board to make them more durable. This also assures us that the board will not be susceptible to fading, rotting, mould, and the like.


·        Maintenance

For the wood deck to last longer, they must be often stained, sealed, or painted to stay less prone to damages caused by moisture. Composite users, on the other hand, just need to sweep or wash the boards to make them continually looking good. It is left for consumers of decks to decide if they want to spend unnecessary time on making repairs on natural wood decks or just save more money and stress by going for composites.


·        Damages caused by insects

Composite decking is not likely to be damaged by insects such as termites and other insects that destroy wood.


·        Splinters

Splintering is one of the disadvantages that wood decking users would experience. This may be dangerous for children and pets who walk on the deck barefooted. Composite decking which is made with small wood fibres that are encased in plastics will never splinter.


·        Cost

Wood decking is indeed very much affordable than composite decking. This is noticed when the material is first purchased, even though the cost of wood decking is less when you first acquire it; it becomes more expensive when we compare the rate of maintenance it has to go through to that of the composite. The difference in price can also be seen when we consider the species of wood that are chosen in comparison to the brand of composite that is chosen.


·        Workability

A common advantage shared between wood, and composite decking is that both of them are easily workable. They can be easily sawed and also screwed with standard tools that are possessed by most homeowners. But composite still has a little more advantage over wood here as it can be easily bent to form curves.


Talking about the cost of composite decks, it costs about £30 – £40 per square foot installed. If you consider getting 16 by 20-foot deck, it will cost you about £9,600 – £14,400. You may be spending close to the high end of the price rate if you want to add some features like rails and benches to the deck.


Decks are more expensive than natural wood because they are more expensive to produce. The advantage is that composites are easily maintained and durable.


·        Conclusion

Although wood seems to be cheaper, composite materials have proven themselves to be more superior to wood decking. Its low maintenance cost, ability not to stain and insect-proof nature makes it better than wood. Composite decking also has different designs to suit your tastes.

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