How Does Composite Decking Hold Up To Dogs?

Dogs and decking

More and more homeowners are considering rebuilding their deck with composite decking. Why? Because it is easier to construct and low in maintenance

Composite decking is made of recycled materials and is heat pressed to prevent degeneration. They are made up of wood scraps, sawdust and plastics. 


Composite decking is proven to be safe. It is a great match for children and pets. Unlike in wood decking, composite decking does not splinter nor warp, which can cause accidents and injuries. 

Composite Decking and Dogs

One major concern of every dog owner is incorporating composite decking into their house design for the safety of their dogs.

Dogs are generally playful and can ravage any object that can come their way. Composite decking provides a firm surface against canine paws and teeth. It is resistant to abrasion and scratches and absolutely dog-proof.

It is also slip-resistant ever after a pouring rain. It also does not absorb heat which makes it a great lounge area for your dogs.

Dog’s toilet breaks are a real nightmare for wood deck owners too. Worry no more. Each capped composite board is coated with a polymer which makes it moisture-resistant. Your composite decking is completely protected from your pet’s urinary paint job.

Easy to Clean

Having pets and children around can be a bit exhausting in having to clean every place that they walk on. 

Composite decking does not require any complicated cleaning tools. All you need is a sponge or mop, soap and water. Do a little scrubbing and voila! Dirt is gone. You can also spray the affected area with a hose.

During winter, you can use a plastic shovel to remove the snow from the composite deck. 

Composite Decking Projects

How does composite decking hold up to dogs

  1. Bench

After the deck is done, leftover pieces can be a great project for benches. The boards are resistant to heat and rot, which makes them great material for making benches and chairs.

  1. Planters and Garden Beds

Because composite decks do not absorb moisture, it is an ideal material for planters. You can practice your green thumb and enjoy your garden with the use of leftover composite decking boards.

  1. Bird Feeders and Bird Houses

Bird watching is such a nice experience, especially when you are at the comfort of your home. Composite boards are easy to cut and nail together. So, you can make your own bird feeder and save money.

  1. Storage Chest 

Store your things and accessories with composite decking offcuts. It will perfectly match your deck. 

  1.  Dog House

Generally, dog houses are expensive. With these leftover boards, you can now replace your puppy’s outdoor house at a low cost. 

  1. Garage brackets

Composite decking pieces make an excellent bracket for your garage. Simply screw them into beams and use them to hang items such as chairs.

  1. Tables for plants

It is useful in putting pots with ornamental plants and herbs.

  1. Storage shed

A nice idea to put the clutter in place. Get organized and get rid of the things you do not need—no need to spend more money on building a storage shed. You can reuse and recycle pieces of these boards. 

Is composite decking boards suitable around pools?

It is ideal for wet environments and can be used around pools, spas and boardwalks. It is termite resistant and water-resistant and does not promote mould and even mildew. It can also be noted that these boards are impenetrable to saltwater. It is highly recommended by manufacturers to apply an anti-slip finish. 

Unlike other wood deckings, composite decking is non-combustible and is self-extinguishing. It is also multi-functional. It can be used both for residential and commercial settings. Best for outdoors and for indoors too. 

It can be used for your balcony, patio, garden or backyard. Composite decking blends well into your landscape. For easy outdoor living, a deck can add significant value to your home. Composite decking is the best choice for it is eco-friendly, durable, low maintenance and weather and pest resistant. 

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