Common Problems With Composite Decking

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Common problems with composite decking

Even though ultradecking composite is regarded as the best decking material, it has its limitations. The problems with composite decking are not much like wood decking but are worth considering. It is still preferable to wood deckings that have a lot of limitations. Let’s consider some common problems with composite decking.

What Is A Composite Decking?

Composite deck board
Composite deck boards live up to their uniqueness by brightening up environments

Composite decking is also known as wood-plastic decking or WPC. It consists of wood fibers and recycled plastic material. The materials are combined with a bonding agent, heated, and allowed to cool to form composite decking. Composite decking is a more durable decking material than wood or plastic decking. Apart from that, composite decking is resistant to the elements and can not crack or splinter.

Common Problems With Composite Decking

Composite decking has its problems. Even though it has its disadvantages, it is still preferable to other decking types like wood decking. Below are common problems with composite decking.

Composite Decking is Expensive

Although composite decking differs from one supplier to the other, it is still more expensive than wood decking. Hardwood is also expensive, but when compared to composite, composite decking can be very expensive to purchase. Compared to wood decking, composite decking can cost 15 – 20 percent more. Wood-plastic composite is a better material choice than wood decking if you have a large budget. The durability of composite decking comes at all costs, and it is more durable than wood, quickly becoming hot, thereby making it expensive. Although it is quite pricier than wood, if you want a durable product, use composite decking.

The Cost of Installation is High

Apart from the fact that composite decking is expensive to buy, it is also expensive to Install. For instance, composite decking can cost £85-£115 to install, while wood decking can cost £30-£65 to install. You can see the huge difference in the installation price of the two materials. The installation cost is a common problem with composite decking.

Composite Decking is Heavy

Another common problem with composite decking is its weight. It makes it more difficult to carry composite decking than wood decking. Composite decking is heavy, except for hollow composite decking boards that are lightweight. Even though it is heavy, most homeowners still prefer using composite boards for wood.

Heat Issues

Composite decking absorbs heat when exposed to the weather. A reason for this is because composite decking consists of plastic material. The plastic material in the composite decking makes it so hot that you can’t walk on it with your barefoot when it’s sunny. The only way to prevent that from happening is if you build a shed over the composite decking. Another factor that can contribute to its hotness is the color of the decking. If your composite decking is dark in color, it will get hot easily when exposed to the sun. A reason for this is that dark colors absorb heat compared to lighter ones.

Composite Decking is Difficult to Replace

Composite decking can be difficult to replace if you install a grooved type. It is a common problem with wood-plastic composite. If the composite decking needs replacement, removing the decking can be difficult. It requires removing an entire section of the decking before you remove a single composite board. For instance, if you have a scratched composite decking, it might be difficult to repair without replacing the board.

It Colour is Permanent 

Composite decking has a permanent colour. It is not like wood decking that you can paint into any colour of your choice. The permanent colour of the composite deck is an advantage when it comes to reducing maintenance costs. It differs from wood decking that can be re-stained or re-painted anytime you want. You can not change composite decking colour . Homeowners who like painting their wood decking can not do that with composite decking. It is one of the common problems with composite decking.


The common problems with common decking include the high cost of the composite board and the cost of installation. It also includes heat problems associated with the decking when exposed outdoors and difficulty in replacement. But despite the problems, composite decking is still preferable by homeowners to wood.

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