Can You Put Composite Decking Over Wood Deck?

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You might have thought of replacing your wood deck with a more durable ultra decking board since wood can wear out over time. Some homeowners think that instead of removing the wood deck, they can just install composite decking on it. Is it possible to put composite decking over a wood deck?

Why Homeowners Prefer Composite Decking

Timber decks have this natural look that blends well with a house design. They make a good decking material but aren’t as good as composite decking. If you install wood decking in your home, the wood will likely absorb water and rot over time. Wood deckings are susceptible to weather conditions. If you expose your wood deck to the weather, it will absorb water and will rot.

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Rot reduces the durability of wood and makes you want to replace it with more durable material. Timber can’t resist the weather elements like composite decking board. Composite decking is more durable than wood; it is not susceptible to weather conditions and will not absorb water like wood decking. So it’s unlikely that composite decking will rot or decay if you install it in your home.

The wood-plastic decking will last for a very long time without spending much on maintenance. Apart from that, composite is visually appealing and can increase the worth of your property. A reason why most homeowners prefer composite decking over timber decks.

If your lumber decking shows signs of rot, you might want to put composite decking over it. Installing composite boards in place of decks will be a good thing. Let’s see whether you can put your new composite decking over your existing wood deck.

Can You Put Composite Decking Over Wood Deck?

Yes, you can put composite boards over a wood deck without removing your existing structure. But this is not the best way of installing composite decking. You have to consider the disadvantages of putting a wood-plastic board over a wood deck.

First, composite decking is heavier than timber. Placing a wood-plastic board over a wood deck can wreck the decking frame if you raise it above the ground. It will double the structure’s weight, and the decking frame might not bear the new weight, thereby causing the deck to collapse.

Another thing you should think of is the height of the decking. If you put the composite decking over your wood deck, the ground surface of your structure will increase. It means that you have to make adjustments to your doors and also to your stairs. You will need to adjust the level of your door, that is if the decking joins with them. Besides that, you will also need to raise the stairs.

Also, since the wood deck is likely to decay over time, the decking joist might need replacement. So, installing a composite board over a wood deck is not good. However, the best way of putting it over wood decking is by removing the wood and replacing it with wood-plastic decking.

How to Put Composite Decking Over Wood Deck

The best way to put composite decking over your wood deck is by removing the wood first. After removing the wood decking, you can now lay your wood-plastic decking board.

Before you begin laying the wood-plastic decking, check the decking frame to see if there is any need for repair. You should check the planks for rot. If you detect any sign of rot or crack in any of the planks, ensure you replace them. Replace any damaged wood before you begin laying your composite board on it.

You can also add more planks to the decking frames. Composite boards need more frames than wood decking, adding more frames to the existing structure.

Ensure to check the foundation of the decking joist before installing a composite board on it. If the foundation is wriggling, fix it to make it strong.

When you are sure that the decking frame is okay, you can then proceed to lay your composite decking on it. Lay the decking side by side and ensure to leave gaps between the decking boards. After you have finished installing the decking, finish the decking edges to create a more beautiful look.


The best way to put a composite deck over a wood deck is by removing the existing structure and replacing it with wood-plastic.


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