Can You Paint a Composite Deck?

M. John

You can paint wood decking several times to make it look its best. Composite decking, on the other hand, is quite different from wood decking. Composite decking makers create the board in different colours that you can always choose from. However, the makers did not design it to be painted like wood. Some homeowners have asked if they could paint their ultradecking composite board. But why would you want to paint your composite decking? Like wood decking, can you also paint composite decking?

Reasons Composite Decking May Need Painting

composite decking installed outdoor on a sunny day
Composite decking can last and resist more with painting

Composite decking is a very durable material that is not prone to damage like wood. Its colour does not fade like that of wood. If you install composite decking, you don’t need to constantly paint it like wood decking. But some factors can cause a composite board colour to fade, thereby giving you reasons to apply some paints. Let’s consider those factors.

Exposure to Sunlight

There are some brands of composite decking that do not have ultraviolet ray protection. If you expose these types of composite decking to the sun, the colour can fade after several years of use. And when this happens, most homeowners will want to keep the decking beautiful by applying paints on the decking. This is why composite decking may need painting.


Mould stains on your deck surface can make the decking less attractive. You might want to paint the decking to make it look good.

Scratches on Decking

Another reason you might want to paint your composite decking is if it has scratched. A scratched composite board can be difficult to fix. To make the surface of the decking look good, you might want to paint it. Painting decking can mask the affected area.

Type of Paint to Use in Composite Decking

There are different types of paint brands you can purchase. But not all might be suitable for painting composite decking. When choosing the type of paint to apply to your wood-plastic decking, you should use a quality brand. The type of paint you should use should be that of high quality for deckings.

However, decking experts recommend that if you want to paint a composite decking, you should use paint that has a gloss finish. This kind of paint will last for a longer period if you use it on your decking. Knowing the kind of paint to apply to your composite decking, let’s consider how to paint your decking properly.

How to Paint Composite Decking

Before you start to paint your wood-plastic decking, first gather all the things you will need. You will need high-quality paint, a roller or a brush. You will also need a pressure washer and deck cleaner to clean the decking before you start applying the paints to it.

 Step 1: Clear the Deck

Clear the deck by removing the items you place on it. If you place chairs and tables on your deck, remove them before you start painting. Also, if there are flowers close to your decking, cover the flowers with a plastic tarp to prevent paint from dripping on them.

Step 2: Clean your Deck

After you have finished clearing your deck surface, you can now clean the deck. Clean the decking thoroughly by ensuring you remove all stains from the decking. Use a deck cleaner or a liquid dishwasher to clean the deck. You can also use a pressure washer to clean the decking.

When using a power washer, ensure you don’t place it too close to the decking. Then rinse the decking thoroughly and allow it to dry before you start painting it. Also, if you need to fix anything on the deck, you should do it before you start applying the paints.

Step 3: Paint the Decking

You can now start applying the paints to the decking. Start by stirring the paints with a stick before you apply them. You can now dip the roller or paintbrush inside the paint and start coating the decking. Paint the entire decking thoroughly. After you have painted the first coat, please wait for a few hours to let it dry. You can now apply the second coat of paint.


Can you paint composite deckings? Yes, you can. If you notice your composite decking has started fading, you could apply paints to make it look beautiful.


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