Can I Replace My Decking Myself?

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Can I replace my decking myself? If your deck is old or rotten, replacing it is the best option. You should consider replacing it with an Ultradecking material that is more durable than the former. Plastic wood decking is a cost-effective decking material that is highly durable as well. Installing composite decking is easy, especially if you have some carpentry skills.

Why Homeowners Replace Their Decking

Can I Replace My Decking Myself?

There are different reasons homeowners replace their wood decking with composite. Let’s consider some of them.


Wood decking has less aesthetical value than composite decking. Timber decking will fade if you expose it to the weather. To make the decking beautiful, you have to stain or paint the wood. Homeowners who install wood decking in their homes complain about how stressful it is to keep re-staining or painting it to make it look beautiful. To stain wood, you have to sand the entire decking; then, you will apply the stains.

However, composite decking boards don’t require any of these. The board is more visually appealing than the wood. Composite decking looks like natural wood, and it also has the texture of wood. Homeowners who love the appearance and texture of wood won’t miss out if they install it.

The decking board is also available in various colours, so you don’t need to bother about painting or staining it. Also, composite decking colour does not fade like wood since it has a special coating on its outer layer that blocks UV rays. Homeowners who value aesthetics have chosen to replace their wood decking with the composite board.


Another reason homeowners replace their decking is that they want something durable. Wood decking is a good decking material but not durable. The decking cannot withstand much pressure and can crack or break. Also, it is not resistant to weather elements like composite decking. If you expose it to the weather, wood decking will absorb water or moisture and swell.

Wood decking can warp and even decay over time. But composite decking is a strong and durable material. It’s stronger and more durable than wood due to its components. Composite decking can withstand pressure and will not crack or break.

Also, composite decking will not warp or splinter like timber. It is also resistant to moisture and will not decay. Additionally, composite decking is also termite resistant. Termites cannot cause damage to the decking board.


Some homeowners have chosen to replace their timber decking to decrease the amount of money spent on maintaining a wood deck. The best replacement for wood decking is composite decking. Although more expensive than wood, the composite board is a cost-effective material that doesn’t need much maintenance.

The composite board requires less maintenance when compared to timber decking. You won’t need to keep on spending money over the years to maintain the look. The wood decking colour fades and will require painting to make it beautiful.  No sanding, painting, staining or sealing is required to maintain composite decking. The composite board needs cleaning with mild soap to maintain its beautiful appearance for decades.


Homeowners are replacing their decking with composite board because it has a longer lifespan. Depending on the brand of composite decking you purchase, the lifespan can extend to 30 years. On the other hand, Wood decking can last for 15 years and more with proper maintenance. Homeowners who are aware of the lifespan of composite decking have replaced it with their wood decking.

 How to Replace Wood Decking

How to replace decking yourself is easy. If you have basic skills in carpentry, replacing your old wood decking should be much easier. To replace your decking, you have to remove the wood decking. After removing the decking, check the decking frame for damages and see if you need to replace or fix it.

If the joist is intact and doesn’t need any repair, you can proceed to lay your composite decking on it. Ensure you leave an appropriate spacing of 5 mm between the decking boards. After you have finished laying the decking boards, finish the end by framing or painting it.


Can I replace my decking myself? Yes, you can replace your old wood decking yourself with composite decking. Ensure you space the decking board accurately while doing so.


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