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Does Composite Fencing Adds Value?

M. John

Fencing your home not only improves its aesthetics but will also increase your home’s value. There are different fencing options you can use in your garden, in the UK. Metal, bamboo, vinyl, barbed wire, timber and composite fencing are some fencing materials for home gardens. Composite material stands out because of its unique features. Generally, using composite decking in your home will add value to your property. But will composite fencing also add to your home’s value?

Will Composite Fencing Increase a Home Value?

Does Composite Fencing Adds Value?

Building a fence in your yard with composite decking will increase your home’s value. First, composite decking is a beautiful material. If you build composite fencing, it will make your home more beautiful. Your home will stand out among other houses in your neighbourhood. 

Suppose you are looking forward to selling your home; the composite fencing will add value. A composite fence can last for decades without you replacing any of its parts. Potential home buyers will prefer to purchase a house with a composite fence, knowing it will last longer.

How Composite Fencing Increases Home Value


A beautiful fencing material like composite will surely increase your home value. WPC fencing is beautiful compared to other fencing materials. If you use composite material to build a fence in your home, it will enhance the look of your property. Also, WPC fencing can stay beautiful for several years; it can’t be compared to wood that will fade over time. 

Potential buyers will value your property if you use plastic wood fencing. They will prefer a house with a fence that will look beautiful for a long time without painting the fence over and over again. Composite fencing will make your home look attractive, thereby increasing its value.


A fencing material that is more durable than other materials will have greater value. Composite fencing fits such a description. A fence made with plastic wood fencing consists of wood fibres and recycled plastic. This combination makes the material more durable than wood. If you build composite fencing in your garden, it will last longer since it is highly durable.

Composite fencing is not susceptible to damage like wood fencing. So it is less likely to rot or decay. Also, WPC fencing can not rust like metal. If you use a composite for your fence, the fence will last for decades. This is one reason composite fencing will add more value to your home than wood and other fencing material.

Resistant to the Weather Elements

A fencing material resistant to the elements will boost your property value. Composite fencing is a weather-resistant material that can’t be affected by heat, cold and even moisture. The composite is not like wood that can absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Also, composite will not warp or crack due to weather elements. It is a strong fencing material that will resist weather conditions. These features make WPC fencing increase your home’s value.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining a fence can be difficult, especially if made from wood. But with composite fencing, maintenance comes easy. If there is dirt on the fence, you can remove the dirt with a water hose. Spray the fence with water so that the dirt can come off easily. That way, your composite fencing will remain beautiful for years. 

You don’t need to keep sanding, staining, or sealing WPC like a wood fence. Its easy maintenance will help save money for other things. This is another reason composite fencing is now common in homes since it needs little maintenance. 

Suppose you plan to sell your home; you will command your price knowing you use a material that adds value. Homeowners should consider using composite for their fencing since it is easy to maintain.

Longer Warranty

A fencing material that has a longer warranty will always add value. Composite fencing has a longer warranty, thereby increasing a home’s value. Homeowners who want to add to the value of their property should use composite to build their fences.


Does composite fencing add to the home’s value? Yes, it does. WPC fencing adds value since it’s easy to maintain and has a longer warranty. Also, it is less susceptible to damages.


Can I Build a Fence With Composite

M. John

 Composite remains the best material you can use to build fences. The material is suitable for constructing decking and a fence. Materials like wood, barbed wire, bamboo and even metal are used in building a fence. But, in recent times, homeowners have started to build fences with composite panels. 

 Why Use Composite For Fencing? 

Can I build a fence with composite decking?

Composite is a strong material made up of wood and plastic. This makes the composite material stronger and more durable than other fencing materials like wood. A composite panel is also resistant to the elements, making it a good fencing material for your garden. 

It is also resistant to moisture and water, so your composite fence is not likely to rot or rust like wood and metal. Aside from that, composite material is also beautiful and comes in various colours, so you don’t have to paint the fence. With composite panels, your fence will remain beautiful for years with little maintenance.

Benefits of Using Composite Decking to Build Your Fence

Building a fence with composite has a lot of benefits. Knowing some of its benefits will make you see why you should use composite instead of other materials for your fencing. Let’s consider some of its benefits.

Composite Is Resistant to Weather

Building a fence with composite panels is a good choice because the material is resistant to weather. Fencing materials like wood and metal can rot or rust over time due to moisture. But a composite fence will not be affected by weather conditions. A composite fence will not get damaged due to moisture, heat or cold. The material is suitable for building a fence in your yard.

The Material is Beautiful

If you use WPC panels to build a fence, it will make your house look more beautiful. A composite fence is visually pleasing compared to other fencing materials. The panels come in colours like grey, charcoal, brown that you can use for your fence. 

Also, the colour of the composite panels will not fade, making the fence look beautiful for years. Other fencing materials like wood will fade over time if you use it to build your fence. But WPC panels has ultraviolet ray protection on their outer layer, which prevents the sun from fading the colour. Homeowners knowing composite does not need painting since its colour does not fade, will use it for their fence.

Composite fencing has a Long Lifespan

Another reason why building your fence with composite is a good option is because it has a longer lifespan. Composite fences will last longer than other fencing materials. If you build a fence around your garden with composite material, the fence can last for a lifetime. A reason for this is that composite fencing is durable. The material is not the kind that is easily susceptible to damage. 

Composite panels will not crack, warp or splinter like wood. It is a long-lasting material that you can use to build a fence. Depending on the wood species, the average lifespan of a wooden fence is 15 years with proper maintenance. But a composite fence will last longer. 

It Is Easy to Maintain

Homeowners who want fencing material that is easy to maintain should purchase composite fencing from Ultradecking. If you build a fence with composite, there is no need to stain it like wood. Also, a composite fence does not need sanding and painting like wood. 

Wood fences will need painting or staining since wood fades on exposure to sunlight. Also, you will need to apply sealers on a wooden fence. But with composite fencing, you don’t need much maintenance. A composite fence requires little to no maintenance than other fencing materials.

Composite Fence is Resistant to Termites

Termites can destroy a wood fence, thereby shortening its lifespan. But if you use composite to build a fence in your yard, termites will not damage the material. 

Composite panels are made with a mixture of wood and plastic. It makes the composite board stronger than wood that termites cannot even penetrate the material. Homeowners should consider building their fences with composite material since they resist wood-eating insects like termites.


Homeowners can build their fences with composite. The composite fence is beautiful, resistant to the elements, and long-lasting. Apart from that, the fence is also easy to maintain.


Is A Composite Fence Better Than Wood?

M. John

Is a composite fence better than wood? If you have doubts about which is better between a composite fence and wood, this write-up is for you. To know which is better between using Ultradecking composite boards and timber to build your fence, you need to consider the benefits and limitations of the two materials. Here are what you should know.

Wood as Fence Material

Is A Composite Fence Better Than Wood?

To know whether a composite fence is better than wood, let’s consider the advantages and limitations of using wood as a fence material. Wood is a natural building material commonly used in construction. It is versatile, meaning you can use it for different purposes. You can use it to build decking, fences, house furniture, and so on.

There are different kinds of wood species you can use in your building project. We have untreated wood, pressure-treated wood, hardwood, and softwood. These wood types are more durable than each other. For instance, pressure-treated wood is more durable than untreated wood. This is because they contain chemicals that help to increase the lifespan.

Pressure-treated wood is resistant to termites and other insects. The chemicals in the wood also prevent it from rotting. One downside of pressure-treated wood is that the chemicals are harmful if you come in contact with them.

Other woods like hardwood, cedar, and redwood are also durable. They don’t contain harmful chemicals like pressure-treated timber. The woods are also resistant to rot and insect damage.

These are the kinds of wood you can use in building a fence in your garden. The good thing about wood is that it is affordable. It is cheaper to purchase than composite decking boards.

However, when using wood as a fence material, it is good to know its limitations beforehand. Woods are not resistant to water or moisture. The wood will swell and eventually rot if it absorbs water. Apart from that, termites can damage an untreated wood fence. If you use untreated wood to build a fence, the fence will not last long.

Additionally, wood can also warp, crack, and splinter. Wood colour also fades over time. To make a wood fence last longer, you will have to waterproof your fence to keep it from absorbing water. A wooden fence will also require staining or painting annually to make it beautiful. You also need to treat a wood fence if you want to prolong its lifespan. In short, wood fences require a lot of maintenance.

Composite as Fencing Material

Before you conclude that a composite fence is better than wood, let’s also consider the benefits and limitations of using composite panels as fence material. Composite panels are not as natural as wood. It consists of both wood fibres and recycled plastics. These two materials are what make up the composite fencing panels.

WPC panels are more expensive than wood, meaning that if you want to build a composite fence, you have to spend more money compared to wood fences. Despite being more expensive than wood, composite fencing has a lot of benefits compared to wood. If you build a composite fence, it will last longer than a wood fence. A reason for it is that composite fencing is more durable than wood. You don’t need to treat a composite fence to make it last for years.

Apart from that, a composite fence can not warp like wood. It also cannot break, crack, or splinter. In addition, composite fences will increase the curb appeal of your home rather than timber. The composite panels are aesthetically pleasing and can look that way for years without the colour fading. A composite fence is easier to maintain than a timber fence. You don’t need to sand, paint or stain a composite fence like wood.

The composite panel is also resistant to moisture. It doesn’t require the application of sealants to make them moisture resistant. WPC panels are also resistant to termites. If you use WPC fencing to build a fence, termites will not damage the fence.

Is a Composite Fence Better Than Wood?

WPC fencing has a lot of advantages over wood. Using composite fencing to build your fence is better than wood. WPC fencing is stronger than wood and has a longer lifespan. Apart from that, a composite fence requires little to no maintenance. No need to expend a lot of cash to maintain a composite fence like wood.


Building a composite fence is better than a wood fence. The reason is that composite fences are more durable than wood with a prolonged lifespan. Additionally, the composite fence is also easy to maintain.