10 Top Tips when Purchasing Composite Decking


Whatever you are about to buy something there are many factors that you need to consider. It may be the price, durability, return of investment, design, colour, etc. You will always weigh up which items or suppliers can give you the best value for your money. Apparently, since there are very few articles or blogs about composite decking choosing the best type of composite decking can be quite challenging, especially if it is your first time. So, let me help you by sharing with you some tips when purchasing composite decking.

1. Know your budget

The topmost priority of every customer: what type of composite decking fits my budget? As a guide, composite decking prices range from £4.00 to £20 per linear meter to (2019 pricing) depending on the composite decking type, style and ultimately the quality.

2. Plan your design ahead of time

Knowing which type of composite decking you like for your home can definitely save time. Apart from that, you should also prepare the measurements in advance so that you can cut out any wastage and save more money.

3. Determine which Composite Decking System works best for you

Another factor to consider in choosing your composite decking is the type. Not all composite decking is created equally and can differ from one to another. Choose a composite decking solution which uses a hidden fastener system to create a clean neat finish with no ugly screw heads in view.

4. Where will you place your decks?

Planning where your composite decking is being positioned can help save you from total misery later up the line. For example, if you know that you really cannot help but put the composite decking in a place with too much sunlight, then go for a darker colour. The dark and solid composite decking boards will absorb more heat than the lighter ones. But if you want to go for the lighter colours then make sure you place your composite decking in a shaded area.

5. Consider the deck’s texture

Where you place your composite decking is closely related to this. E.g. If you know that it will be near a pool or it will frequently get wet then you should opt for a more pronounced texture or a deep embossed wood grain. If you choose a smoother textured composite decking, then it is more prone to being slippery.

6. Fasteners Factor

In composite decking, there are usually two most common types of fasteners. The first one is the hidden fastener and the other one is the exposed fasteners. The hidden fasteners usually cost up to 30 percent more compared to the exposed fasteners. However, hidden fasteners can give your composite decking a cleaner look.

7. Allow an additional budget for the accessories.

There are other composite decking details that you need to consider when purchasing. One such as hidden fasteners or deck screws, trim boards and railings. These are all add-ons that you must take into consideration. The composite decking add-ons are what you need to compute for the entire composite decking budgeting.

8. Approval of the Building Codes

One of the most important things before purchasing composite decking is checking the local building regulations. Most customers can install composite decking on to their own land without prior permission or approval. That said, it is always worth checking in advance before making a costly purchase and installation of a composite decking structure. Last thing you need is the local authorities demanding its removal.

9. Determine who will be there

You also need to consider the factor of who will be staying there most of the time. Will it be children? Adults? Will there be pets? Remember in tip number 5. smooth-textured decks can be slippery, and it is not child-friendly. If you have pets, then you should choose the one which is less prone to scratches or stains.

10. Choose the design that will complement your house

Choose the designs that will complement your house because wooden decking, composite decking is not actually designed to be painted. Once you choose the design that will be your choice in the long run. Unless you want to change the entire composite decking, which of course we assume you don’t want to do.

tips to purchasing composite decking

Given all the tips mentioned above, you can also choose which details and areas are the most important to you in choosing the right type and style of composite decking. Choosing the right composite decking can be quite challenging, do keep doing your research and investigation to learn as much as you can. Take into consideration all the aspects that need the most attention and we hope these tips help you in a lot of ways. At the end of the day, it will still be you who will be deciding as to which composite decking best suits your needs and budget.


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