10 Top Tips for Composite Decking Installation

composite decking installation

After careful consideration as to whether you would choose composite decking, you are now at the planning stage of how to install your composite decking to ensure its long life in service. You may already have researched on the budget, advantages and disadvantages of composite decking, the fact that you are reading this article seems that you have already made that decision. Now that you are ready for installation, let’s give you some tips on the best methods to install your composite decking with ease.

1. Know your local building codes and follow them

Whether or not you are going to hire a professional to install your composite decking or you will be doing it yourself. Make sure that you know the local building codes when it comes to zoning and building regulations. As the homeowner you will be held liable to all concerns and risks that were related to the installation process so you might as well read up on the local building codes and make sure these are clearly followed.

2. Prepare your support and frame

Although composite decking is the best alternative to traditional wood decks it cannot stand alone. This means you will need to set up the supporting frame so that you can attach your composite decking properly.

3. Plan, plan and plan

It is basic advice, yet the most crucial and important part of the installation process. There are so many things to consider in advance and it is always great to be prepared. It will run smoothly if you already have a clear plan on how you want your composite decking to be. You should plan every single detail regarding sizes, colour(s), position etc, etc. One of the questions, to begin with, is how big do you want your composite decking to be? So that you will know how many composite decking boards you will need and what spaces in between rows are required for expansion and contraction which is subject to current weather conditions.

4. When you are all set. Start with a chalk line.

Yes, it might be very basic but if you started with this you are guided. You can set the distance and you can make necessary adjustments. The first step in the installation process starts with this.

5. Allow airflow under your decking

One of the considerations to look at in installing composite decking should be enough space for air to pass. This will prevent water absorption and save your composite decking from swelling and improve drainage. You do not want standing water on your composite decking. Careful planning and preparation is key to a beautiful long lasting composite deck.

tips for composite decking installation

6. Everything you need to consider about joists

The Joists or sub-frame are timber pieces that will provide support for your composite decking. The ideal spacing between joists is 30 centimetres and about 25 centimetres for commercial composite decking installations. Make sure before you use the joists in any composite decking installation that they are structurally sound and have been treated to preserve the quality of the timber. Treated timber joists also prevents rot leading to a longer service and protects against insect or fungal attack. The joists should also be wide enough (minimum 2 inches) to ensure your composite decking is supported.

7. Consider the Hidden Fastener Method

To fasten your composite decking you will need some special screws, screwdriver bit and composite decking plugs with the same design as your decking. It can give you a uniformed surface plus it will save a lot of time than adding some plugs on the heads of each screw. What you just need to do is to countersink the screws using the screwdriver bit. Hammer the plug of the same kind as your decking. It will be more polished and looks as if the fasteners are invisible.

8. Use colour matching fascia, L corner trims or end caps

You can use colour matching fascia, L corner trims or end caps to provide you with an easy and quick way to attach at the end of each cut on your composite decking panel. These provide a clean neat finish to the look and appearance of your new composite decking project. A job well done and in a more efficient manner.

9. Order a custom cut boards

There are manufacturers and suppliers that offer customised cutting especially if you are working in a big area. It can save more time than placing small cuts together. This is one of the advantages of having a composite wood deck. Measuring and cutting can cost so much of your time during the installation process which you definitely do not want.

10. Choose the off-season installation

Many professionals are mostly available during autumn and winter. They can focus on your project and save your time and money because during the autumn and winter season pricing for the installation of composite decking can be relatively cheaper than during spring or summer when demand is high.
These are our top ten tips for your composite decking installation. Don’t forget to look at the instructions on your manufacturer’s guide since there will be different rules and processes to follow depending on the materials and type of composite decking you will use. All in all, we hope that you enjoyed and find this top tips helpful in your installation.

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